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Well, you have to try out for a team of course, and make it, but if your a TRUE cheerleader like i am, you will know your one because your constantly doing cheer and you never stop talking or doing cheer. I always get in trouble for doing roundoff backhand springs in gym class!!

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Q: How do you know when your a cheerleader?
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How do you know you are a cheerleader?

You know you are a cheerleader when you have a passion for it. You love to practice, you think you have no purpose without it. If someone else tells you to try out, you probably aren't one. Only you can know if you're meant to be a cheerleader.

What should a cheerleader school have?

A Cheerleader MUST have : Team Spirit Flexibility helps A good Smile Loud voice Know the cheerleader CODE AND last of all KNOW HOW TO HAVE Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have to know how to dance to be a cheerleader?

you do but they will teach you!!

Did you know Cameron Diaz was a cheerleader?

no, bt how is this a question

Are you a good cheerleader?

I don't know about that but everyone has their own apinion.

What is the plural of cheerleader?


Does Selena Gomez know how to do backhandsprings?

I'm not sure ? I know she was a cheerleader and she can do cartwheels but I'm not sure about back handsprings .

How do you ask a cheerleader out?

when a cheerleader has got her uniform on ask her "would you happen to be a cheerleader"? also be yourself or be hot ... depending on the cheerleader

Is Fergie a cheerleader?

She was a cheerleader when she was younger.

Who is a hot cheerleader?

There are no cheerleader celebrities, but there are cheerleader girls. If u wanna know which girl in ur school (cheerleader) is hot then just see if she wears mini-skirts, if she's got nice hair, if she hangs out with popular people, if she dates hot guys... By the way no offence but u must be pretty dum if u don't know who is a hot cheerleader

Is Hannah Montana a cheerleader?

She used to be a cheerleader

What is the ISBN of The Cheerleader?

The ISBN of The Cheerleader is 0966335201.