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Q: How do you know when brie you s too old to use?
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Can you get sick from overripe Brie cheese?

I would use it

How long is outdated brie safe?

Outdated brie is generally safe for a week or two after the use by date. You will be able to tell if the brie has gone bad when you open the package, smell it and look it over before you eat it to be sure.

Can brie be frozen?

Yes, brie can be frozen. Make sure it is well-wrapped. If you have a large wheel, you might want to cut it into smaller portions so you can remove only that which you intend to use.

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What can you do with left over brie cheese?

A lot depends on the amount left over! The simplest thing would to make cheese sandwiches, with or without various sauces or pickles. But, if you search the internet for "brie cheese recipes" you will discover many recipes making use of brie cheese ranging from appertisers, pizza toppings, pasta, and so on. Use your imagination and experiment. Personally, I like to heavily sprinkle grated (brie) or other cheeses on top of mashed potatoes and crisp the cheese topping under a grill.

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