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FMCIf you are taling about cricket :

If you are talking about a catch being taken at one end---! , Then at the point when the catcn being taken ,if both batsmen cross each other, then it is said that the batsman have crossed .

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Q: How do you know when batsman have crossed?
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When catch taken by keeper and both batsman crossed the crease then who will on strike?

Undoubtedly the New batsman will be on strike.

In cricket if you have run four runs and you are crossed for five runs then it hits the boundary is it four or five?

It is 5 runs to the batsman because in the rules of cricket it states that. Cheers

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Who is the best batsman on the Indian cricket team?

sachin is the best Indian batsman ever. He is also rated as the second greatest batsman of altime after the great sir don bradman. In a country like India cricket is a religion sachin is God. Most of the people in India don't know the prime minister but know who sachin ramesh tendulker.

What batsman scored in cricket?

batsman score runs...

Who is the batsman to score 200 runs in a county cricket match?

As far is i know, it was Gudappa Vishwanath...

Who is the official who decides whether the batsman is out?

the umpire decides if the batsman is out or not

Is sachin left handed batsman?

no. he is a right handed batsman

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What is the time limit a new batsman has to reach the crease?

A batter (or batsman) is not timed, as far as I know, in test cricket. It may be different in some of the other versions. If the batsman hits the ball without it being caught or running to score a run he will not be the batsman at the end of the over (six balls). His colleague will be the batsman for an over and then it will be his turn again.

Who was the best Aussie batsman?

mike hussey is the best Aussie batsman.