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You go get sized. Everything from you swing path, height, stance, etc will affect the clubs you need. Callaway have a great system for analyzing what clubs you should have. This includes the face size, weight, shaft length, head angle, everything you need to know. Some bigger Golf stores have similar systems, but they are very accurate. It may cost some money to be fitted, but usually they take that out of the cost of the clubs. Good luck.

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2009-07-06 14:45:06
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Q: How do you know what size golf clubs to get for yourself?
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What is the hosel size for Ben Hogan bh5 golf clubs?

What is the hosel size for Ben Hogan bh5 golf clubs? irons

What size golf clubs should I use I am 5'5?

a small one

What size golf club do you need?

the standard size,i do have ordered my clubs from firstrankgolf in the standard length.

Can you use women's golf clubs in men's high school golf?

Yes you can use women's golf clubs in men's high school tournaments. As long as they aren't switching clubs in the middle of rounds and are abiding by all of the USGA rules, then they are allowed to use any size club.

How much money will you get for pawning golf clubs?

about 60 bucks and up depending what brand size type and usage

How tall should juniors be when they start using ladies size golf clubs?

If you have used junior clubs, you should start using ladies clubs once they have grown out of them, as they will fill the gap between juniors and mens.

How do you determine what size bass guitar to get?

Go to the pros! Just like buying golf clubs for left/right-handed people to height, the sales person selling you the guitar should know their stuff.

What types of clubs are there on today's golf course, and are any not tournament legal?

Most clubs are made of wood, fiberglass, titanium, and light weight aluminum. You can also purchase clubs that are a combination of materials. There are many clubs on the market that exceed PGA standards for size, weight and loft capabilities.

Where do you check in with golf clubs at Bristol airport?

You will check in at your flight's designated check in desk, they will tag your golf clubs and direct you to one of two "Out of Guage" desks to drop them. You're boarding passes will be checked by security before accepting your clubs. Golf clubs can only be accepted at these two desks due to the size/shape of them making them prone to getting stuck in baggage belts. The two OOG desks have completely straight belts from desks to baggage handlers in the undercroft!

Why are womens golf balls bigger?

Don't know what your source is for that but it is incorrect. Mens and womens golf balls are the same size. The maximum diameter of a golf ball is 1.68 inches, most manufacturers make them to that size.

How big is golf ball size tumor?

It relates to the size of a golf ball. The average golf ball has a circumference of 4"

What is the size of a golf ball dimple?

Golf ball dimple size is from 0.14 to 0.17 inches.

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