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If you have a manual charger follow the charging instructions. After a full charge, do an On-Charge Voltage Test. Get your volt meter out and set it to 200v dc with the charger on. We will be checking individual battery voltages, start with the #1 battery (where the positive lead goes to the cart) placing the positive lead of the voltmeter on battery positive and the negative lead of the voltmeter on battery negative, move down the line until the last battery. For 36v carts with six 6v batteries we want each battery to read at least 7.0v. For 48v carts with six 8v batteries were looking for at least 9.3v on each battery. Put your safety glasses and safety gloves on. Remove all battery caps. Get your hydrometer out and start with the #1 battery take your sample from each battery cell and write it down. You should have readings of 1100 to 1300, 1100 being close to water and 1300 being acid. Start with the #1 battery. If there is a difference of 50 points or more between cells you have a bad battery. Here is an example of a good battery. 1265 1275 1265 Here is an example of a bad battery: 1265 1175 1265

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You can put them on a charger and see if they accept a charge.

You can also use a battery tester (though you will need a tester large enough to handle Golf cart batteries).

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Rechargeable batteries eventually wear out. They probably need replaced.

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Q: How do you know if your golf cart batteries are bad?
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Why does your club car electric golf cart seem to run slow?

if all your batteries are good and charged up you have a bad speed solenoid if your cart is older than 1993. But, if its a newer cart you could have a bad controller box. Make sure your batteries are good, it only takes one bad cell in one battery to mess things up sometimes

Could a bad golf cart charger cause batteries not to stay charged up?

Of course it is possible but more than likely you have 1 or more batteries with a dead cell. This will drain all the other batteries. You need to have all the batteries checked to make sure.

How do you fix 6 volt golf cart batteries when the cells are reading bad?

I would not recommend trying to save your old 6V Batteries. Attempting to save old golf cart batteries can be dangerous. If your old batteries have "swelled" or gotten enlarged where the battery is bulging out, it is time for replacement. There is a chemical solution that can be added to the old batteries to give them some more life, but it will NOT last long. In fact, I would gamble to say that they would probably fail within 3 months. Really not worth the hassle of purchasing the chemical, charging all the batteries only to have them quit on you. I too am looking for 6V Deep cycle batteries and I have found "they ain't cheap!" I would recommend saving your money and purchase a high end golf cart batteries and get the 5-7 years of use out of them. Anything else would be like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. You can expect to pay anywhere from $90-$225 for each 6V battery, depending on the brand. Trojan Batteries being some of the best out there.

Where can I get a custom cart made?

Assuming you mean a vending cart like you would see on the street, check out this site: You can get a custom cart made bad ass cart. They specialize in making boring old golf carts into bad ass vehicles.

Why want the battery stay charged on a gas powered golf cart?

Either the charging system has failed or the battery is bad.

Fuel flow wont stop on carbits a mikunni carb on a golf cart?

Bad needle/seat valve in carb.

Do you need a license to drive a street legal golf cart in Louisiana?

no, but each city/town has laws as far as being street legal. u may own a golf- cart but u cant drive it on the roadways. same apply's to go-carts

Why does my G2 1979 gas powered Yamaha golf cart not go forward or reverse and also not start?

Well since it does not start, first suspect the starter. The battery is easy to eliminate as the cause. The alternator could also be the problem. If the battery is dead but it retains a charge from another source after a jump start, the alternator is the problem. Disconnect the battery after the cart has started. If the engine dies it is a bad alternator, same as a car, unless the golf cart is a pull start ignition type like a lawn mower (I really don't know much about gas powered golf carts).

I had 6 new 8 volt golf car batteries installed Club car month ago The computer chip was replaced The batteries cannot be charged Told hydro test shows batteries do not retain charge Help?

Possible AnswerTwo Possibilties :1) Since the computer is in charge of telling the charger when to turn on and off, the new computer may be faulty.2) Your new batteries may be faulty.if the batteries are not charging through the cart, you can get an 8 volt battery tender. (good brand of battery chargers)it will work but it will get annoying and time consuming.You can get the batteries tested. If you have one bad battery, the strongest is only as good as the weakest.(batteries plus does it for free)

Why will 6v golf cart batteries not stay charged if they are new?

You said "stay charged if new" - Did you use the cart? If so that is kind of how the cart works - You use it and recharge it. You said new batteries - Have they gone through the "break in" period (about 100 charging cycles)? If you did not use the cart then are you using an automatic charger and how long does it take to "not stay charged" or for the charge to go away? If you did not use the cart then I suspect the automatic charger may kick on and off as it needs to (like once every 7-30 days). If the charger has been turning on and off daily then there is a problem. Is the charging handle (from charger) damaged? Is the charging plug (on golf cart) damaged? What is the brand, year, model, and type of golf cart (Example: E-Z-Go 1997 TXT Electric 36 volt)? What is the brand, model, and type of charger (Example: Powerwise II Automatic). Is the charging handle making good contact (Snap in) with the cart - Do you hear a click about one to three seconds after you snap it in? If you do, then that is the charger "shaking hands" with the golf cart and basically saying "I sure would like to charge you up if you want". The charger would then turn on with the above example cart/charger (E-Z-Go/Powerwise) REVIEW - I said "Snap" then "Click" and finally "Charger turns on" The whole process can take up to 2 -10 seconds. A damaged charging handle or cart plug may keep repeating the "clicking" and "charger on" thing. Is the drain caused by a short or bad battery? Battery: Use safety glasses, gloves, and a taped wrench (electrical tape wrapped over boxed half of wrench) to take off the negative and positive cable of the battery bank (search youtube video for help). Let the cart set overnight to see if the cart loses the charge. If it does then it may be a hard (or junk) battery & that will also cause an automatic charger to stay on high amps (needle in red zone on charger's meter) for a long time (over an hour) during charge. [This may high amp thing may also take place when breaking in a new set of batteries but not after two hours.] Short or drain: If the batteries retained the charge with the cables unhooked over night then it may be a short (drain on the batteries). The short must be corrected or you may also have a fire hazard! If you are not sure how to trace a short then get the cart to someone who can without plugging the cart to the charger.

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Bad Golf My Way was created in 1994.