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Take them ice skating or watch them do Ballet.

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Q: How do you know if your friend is lying about doing ballet and ice skating?
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What do you do if you think a friend is lying to you?

you go up to her or him and ask and if you think they are lying or you can tell that they are lying to you don't trust them or don't be there friend.

What do you do when your friend is lying to you?

they are not your friend anymore freinds don't lie to you

How do you convince your best friend that his girlfriend is lying?

you try to get proof that she's lying and then when u get it, show it 2 ur friend

How can you tell if a friend is lying?

How they act that's what i think my friend does that alot

What happend if your friend think your lying but you are not?

explain yourself

Which of these is something the press can get in trouble for doing?

Lying about someone

What was the buddha doing when he died?

He was lying down on his side.

Which is samenthing thepress can get in trouble for doing?

Lying about someone.

What do you do when the boy you like asks your friend out but they said no?

Make sure your best friend isn't lying and if she isn't just talk to the boy more talk about things he likes if your friend is lying don't be their friend and try to get your man back

Why won't a friend trust her friend enough to see that other people are lying about her spreading gossip?

It is human nature when a good friend tries to tell their friend that other people are lying about her spreading gossip just as it is when a friend tells another their boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them. The messenger (the friend who wants to protect their friend) is the one who is going to get the worst of it, but good friends warn a friend so they are not hurt in the future. A friend that has been warned about people lying about her may think her friend is lying because of jealousy and therefore is in complete denial. Sometimes the friend in question re the people lying about her may eventually see the red lights going off and realize her friend is right or, she may end up having to learn the hard way.

What does it mean when you and you're friend had the same nightmare?

the're lying.

What do you do if a friend talks about you?

If the friend is saying mean things or lying about you, talk to the friend in person, tell him or her how hurtful this gossip is to you and ask the friend to stop.

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