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You get balls in ur boobs

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Q: How do you know if you started to get breasts?
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Is it normal for your breasts to shrink during pregnancy?

I don't know, but I have had the same issue lately. My breasts exploded 4 cup sizes up to this 7th months and now have started shrinking!?!

When will your breasts be normal?

depends on when you started puberty.

Is Mirando Cosgrove hot know that she is done or started puberty?

I think that she is really hot. She actually has recently started going through puberty. She does look way hotter with her breasts developing.

How can you tell if you have breasts?

You should be able to see them. If you aren't sure, your breasts probably haven't started growing.

When do your breasts start growing?

when your 7 i started when i was 7

Why haven't my breasts grown since i started my period?

Maybe it is because you are growing in stages. First your period, then your breasts.

Why have you not had sore breasts before?

You haven't started puberty yet!

How do your know if your having breast tenderness?

If when you touch your breasts and they feel sore, that is when you have "Tenderness of the breasts".

Your sisters breasts started developing shes 7 and has 34b breasts is that too big at this age?

No. God has a plan for everyone. God had a plan for your sister and her breasts is part of it. Besides, who really cares how big your of your sisters breasts are? What about your straight A's or your backflip in gymnastics?

How do you know when your breasts are growing?

If you touch your nipples and they feel tender and your breasts are itchy then they are still getting bigger

How milk started coming from breasts?

It is more due to the hormone change in the body.

Why haven't my breasts started to develope?

It's all about genetics. You haven't started developing yet because your mom and grandma probably didn't start developing until they were older. Don't worry about it though. Your breasts will develop in no time.

How do you know if your breasts are growing?

Your breasts will be very itchy and ur nipples will be tender and soft if they are still growing larger.

Should your breasts leak while pregnant?

My breasts started leaking at around 7 months. It's your milk ducts getting ready for you to nurse the baby.

Is it wrong to have small breasts at age 14?

No. There is nothing wrong with that. I had small breasts until I was older and started birth control pills, then my breasts grew two cup sizes. It is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about. Everyone is different.

How do you know if your breasts are tender?

if you feel them and they are sensitive to the touch

How fast can breasts grow?

i really dont know

How do girls get there breasts bigger?

Not sure this is what I want to know

How do you know if your bf likes your big breasts or not?

All boys/men like breasts and if you are unsure you could always ask him. rub them in his face and see if he likes it, i dont know

What can you take to in large your breasts?

Marijuana actually makes your breasts grow. Im not saying its legal and you should smoke it; but studies have shown women who started using marijuana breasts actually grew a whole cup size. Hope this helps =)

How do you know when breasts start to grow?

Look down and poke.

Why is only one of your breasts growing?

I don't know sorry :)

Is there something wrong when i don't have nipples and i have reached puberty?

There is no way to know if you have reached puberty, the most likely chance is that you haven't reached puberty. I was 14 when my breasts started to grow. You will be fine everyone is different.

Why are breasts attracting?

That is a weird question why would you want to know that? I do not know why they are attractive.

At what time do breasts become sore?

They get sore right before your period or if you havent had your period yet nor started, then your propbably close to starting it. i know because i felt my breast and they started to hurt and felt softer that usual. Hope i helped <3