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Q: How do you know if you have fake Valentino jeans?
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How can you tell if g star jeans are real or fake?

It They have a zip their fake

How do you know if mek jeans are real or fake?

inside the mek you will see get your mek on.mek jeans should have small lines of thread and in the left pocket you should see a small mek logo

How do you know if your laguna beach jeans are fake?

Laguna beach jeans are hand made. If you look closely at the stitching you can see if it is good quality. The Laguna beach jeans should have thick, heavy stitching and the jeans themselves should feel heavy. The weight or feel is the best way you can tell.

Is the patch on American Eagle jeans leather?

no, it's fake

When did bad idea jeans run?

Bad Idea Jeans was a fake commercial on Saturday Night Live with David Spade.

Where is the American flag on the true religion jeans?

yes if they don't there fake

How to spot fake true religion jeans?

The online shop of eBay has a section called 'Buying Guide' where they give information about how to spot fake True Religion jeans. One should also watch videos on Youtube where the difference between fake and original are shown.

Where can one find Lee jeans for women?

The best place to purchase Lee jeans is their official website or specialized store. This gives you a quarantine that jeans are real and not a fake one.

Can you make womens jeans?

You can make jeans if you know how.

Has anyone purchased from

all of those websites sell fake jeans.

What were some major fashion trends in the 1960's?

Mini skirts Fake eyelashes Jeans

How do i know what is a fake?

your a fake that's why ass