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If your solenoid is bad on your atv raptor it will just click when trying to start it

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Q: How do you know if the solenoid is bad on a Yamaha raptor ATV?
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Yamaha raptor 660r?

=its a sport atv

2004 Yamaha raptor 660r?

it's a good ATV

Where do you locate hours on Yamaha 350 raptor?

I'm not an ATV rider, but as far as I know the 350 Raptor does not come with an hour meter on it. You have to put one on from aftermarket products.

Where can you get a owners manual for a Yamaha 660 raptor ATV?

Yamaha dealer, or you can look at it for free on the internet.

How do you know if you yamaha ATV is a 400 or a 450?

how do you know if your yamaha atv is a 400 or a 450

How much does the average ATV run in price?

When it comes to a beginning style of ATV's Yamaha seem to be the best choice. The Yamaha Raptor 350 is a good starter ATV and they start at around $4,800 for the 2011 model.

How much does a Yamaha Raptor ATV cost?

its costs around 5000-6000 $ dollars for Honda and all

What is the world's fastest ATV?

the fastest racing ATV is the Polaris Outlaw 525, It goes 50 MPH. , SORRY. THE YAMAHA 700 RAPTOR IS THE FASTEST ATV OUT IVE RIDDEN BOTH AND THE RAPTOR IS FASTER new answer:i think the fastest three wheeler is the Yamaha z 250 im not sure what the top speed is but its the fastest thing ive ever drove

What is the top speed of a Yamaha warrior 660r ATV?

660 will do 60-70 The Warrior was never made in 660 cc. The raptor was the only 660r that Yamaha made.

What is the company who makes the Worlds Fastest ATV?

Suzuki or cannondale but the newer ones are the Polaris its the YAMAHA RAPTOR SALEEN S5S!!!!!

Where is the VIN number on a Yamaha Raptor 660r ATV 2004 model?

The VIN is etched on the lower part of the frame by the shifter.

Where could I find listings of 2006 Yamaha ATV models for sale?

Find used Yamaha ATV models including the Kodiak, Bruin, Grizzly and Raptor editions at online sites like You can search by make, model, year, or location, at sites like ATV

How do you set the timing marks on a Yamaha 660R ATV raptor?

This is something that can be difficult to do without the right experience. Make sure to get assistance if needed.

Does a Yamaha raptor 50 ATV have a governor and if so how do you take it off?

Raptor 50's are a youth atv. The factory has a throttle stop screw at the throttle lever. There is also changes to the throttle arm and carb slide that prevents attaining full throttle. Lastly the stock CDI box has a rev limiter.

Is a yfz 450 faster than a raptor 660?

The Raptor 660 Is Faster with OEM parts. How ever Yamaha doesnt Make an all around as good quad as The Honda TRX 450R. It Is The most High performance Track Quad on the market. Having More Low end than both Yamaha Quads. ATV QUAD WORLD

what year is this atv ?

yamaha kodiak 400 4x4 YFM 400 FAR i bout this atv and dont know the year of manufaturer date

Where are the fuel injectors on a Yamaha 50cc ATV 2002?

A Yamaha ATV that small is carbureted , not fuel injected.

How do remove seat for Yamaha wolverine ATV?

I don't know but I wish I did, I'm having the same problem

Where is the vin on a Yamaha ATV?

An ATV can be used for many things including outdoor sports and recreation. If you own a Yamaha ATV and need its vin number look at the plate on the bottom of the ATV.

Where can someone find information on Yamaha ATV Parts?

There are a number of places online where information on Yamaha ATV parts can be found. Sites such as Yamaha Motor, Motorsport, ATV parts and Patzilla all have such information available.

What is the top speed of a Yamaha Breeze ATV?

Top speed of the Yamaha Breeze ATV is 40-50 mph.

What is the best selling ATV?

"2008 Kawasaki Brute Force Fuel Injected" ??? Best selling sports atv is the yamaha raptor. Best selling 4x4 according to what i can find online - polaris sportsman 500 ! Kawasaki - lol...

What is the fuel consumption rate of the 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R?

The fuel consumption on any ATV relies heavily on the type of terrain you are riding on and your own weight. Fuel consumption can be anything between 15-60mpg depending on those and other variables. The 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R has a 2.9 gallon tank and YFI fuel injection which means longer riding time between every gas stop.

Where can you find free Yamaha ATV wiring diagram?

where can I find yamaha wiring diagrams

Worlds Fastest ATV?

rocket raptor holds the world speed record