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A surfboard should stay waterproof until you crack the glass. If you do crack the glass, then there are quick and cheap ways to fix it.

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Q: How do you know if a surfboard is waterproof?
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When should you change from a softop surfboard to a fibreglass surfboard?

When you feel that you can comfortably paddle out thru the surf zone ,control your surfboard and not endanger your health or the health of other surfers. 1. when you know that your ready to start surfing 2. when you know proper surf ettequite 3. you know the differences between softop and fiberglass. 4. you know that if you damage a surfboard and surf it without repairing it too long, its time to get a new board...

Where do you get the silver surfboard on club penguin?

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What does surfboarding mean in the song Drunken Love?

It's a referral to a sexual position 'ridin on his surfboard" his surfboard is his penis obviously and you know what happens when you ride a penis...

Is playdoh waterproof?

as far as i know playdoh is waterproof hoped this helped

Is the golden surfboard cp?

there's not a gold surfboard but there is a silver surfboard which is in the sports catalog

Why is lycra waterproof?

yes it is as it is what we use for swim suits

Does anyone know where to sell a surfboard besides eBay?

yes its called

Who invented the surfboard legrope?

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Which part of the surfboard makes the surfboard stronger?

It is the deck.

How would you fibreglass a surfboard?

To make the board waterproof and to provide strength to the PU foam, four or six ounce fibreglass composites are laid on the blank which are then set in polyester resin. Before laying the fibreglass, decals(surfboard shaper logos) can be placed on the board. Usually the bottom of the surfboard is covered with one layer of fibreglass and then covered with resin first, and when dry the same procedure can be done to the deck of the surfboard. Two layers of fibreglass can be placed put on the deck for a stronger surfboard. If you want to cut down on weight, instead of placing two layers you can also just place an extra layer on the tail, nose and rails as these should have in little more protection.

Can your surf in great lakes?

You can surfboard out there but there might not be alot of waves, but make sure you know how to surf.

My surfboard needs to be waxed.?

Here is a site that talks about surfboard waxing and how to do it , or this site that shows you how to wax the surf board