How do you know if a person is a jerk?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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if they do not very nice stuff i guess...

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Q: How do you know if a person is a jerk?
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How can you call a person a jerk with out actually calling them a jerk?

call them a fiend

What is the Ukrainian word for jerk?

I don't know. But the derived form of jerk is pryskorennia.

What does it mean for someone to jerk you around?

To jerk is to abruptly pull. To jerk around suggests a series of abrupt pulls in different directions, which would be very disorienting. If someone is jerking you around they are telling you a series of inconsistencies, so that you don't know in what direction this person is trying to pull you.

What makes a guy a jerk?

Personally i notice certain things right off the bat and fortunitly picking out jerks is one of them a jerk can be a man/woman but most are men. being a jerk is really a lack of maturity, like knowing when to keep your trap shut. being a jerk is to lack the ability to know enough to be silent about something you know nothing about. a jerk can usually stand out in a crowd no matter how he dresses he will stand out like a pile of raspberries on the snow. a jerk, and this takes care not to confuse a mentally challenged person with a jerk, but a jerk will almost always put his 2 cents in that has no bearing on the subject being discussed. but fear not little ones a jerk like a puppy is the most loyal person you know bitchy, nagging people who will criticize something being done instead of supporting it. first off jerks are retards who dont give a crap what people think and like to embarrass people.Jerks dont care. ALL guys are jerks. trust me. i know.

What should you do if you tell a girl how you feel about her and she is a jerk about it?

Hold your head high, swallow your pride (hard, I know!) and walk away. Do not say anything. Then there will be only one person in that conversation who was a classless jerk, instead of two.

How do you spell jerk?

That is the correct spelling of "jerk" (to pull or yank, or slang for a rude or boorish person).

Why is Britteny Spears such a jerk?

How do you know she's a jerk? And if she is, than no one knows the answer to that question but her.

Does Selena Gomez know how to jerk?

Probably not but you never know.

What is the word 'jerk' when translated from English to Japanese?

I don't exactly know 'jerk', but 'baka' means 'idiot'.

Will that jerk Sasuke ever fall for Sakura?

Yes he does i know this because of the pictures on and SASUKE IS NOT A JERK!

What is the word for a person who answers a question with a riddle?

A jerk!

What does scrub mean on facebook?

Uncool person or jerk