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You shoot it over a chronograph. All paintball fields have them.

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Q: How do you know how much fps your paint ball gun is at?
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Will fps creator give you a virus?

I don't know. If it does you can take a photo of it and paste it in paint and send it to fps and have them look at it

How do you make a paint-ball gun shoot faster paint-balls?

adjust the velocity, never shoot above 300 fps though

How do you check fps on paint ball marker?

you use a Chronograph (Chrono for short) they measure the FPS as a paintball flies away, a field will always have them and you can buy one for home use if you want

What is the most fps of a paint ball gun?

there is no physical limit but for safety reasons you should NEVER set it to higher than 300fps

How many fps do paint ball guns shoot?

All paintball guns are required to be set below 300 fps (204.5 mph). Most fields play 1a 290 for outdoor and 265 for indoor.

What is more accuarate a 300 fps airsoft gun shooting plastic BBs or the average paintball gun?

It depends on the grade of your paint, and how good your paintball marker is. Paintballs will almost never get ball on ball accuracy.

How much fps does a 50 cal have?

Depends on which .50 cal, and which cartidge. If you mean a Barrett Model 82A1 sniper rifle, in .50 BMG, standard ball ammo is ABOUT 2800 fps.

How powerfull is a paint ball gun?

A paintball gun fires a .68 caliber .35 gram ball at 300 fps. If you where the right clothes (loose shirt, paintball vest, e.t.c.) it doesn't even hurt!

How much fps does a airsoft kalashnikov spetsnaz?

I don't know for sure if you are talking about the gun I think you are, but the one I am thinking of is advertised at like 430 fps on the box, but my friend has one that cronoed in at 380 fps, which is good because the place we go has a 400 fps max.

How much fps does a M2068AF airsoft gun have?

220 FPS

Fastest speed for indoor soccer ball?

123 fps

How much fps will you get in Minecraft?

The fps you have in Minecraft depends on the condition of your computer.

How much mph is 380 fps?

380 fps = 259.1 mph

How much fps is the m85 airsoft gun?

About 200 fps or so.

How much fps does a hyscore 806 has?

I don't have any direct information about the model 806 HY_Score, but I do know that the models 802, 804 and 805 all fired at 300 FPS

How much fps does the well mb06 sr 2 airsoft gun have?

It has 450 fps

How much fps does the pulse r78 miliyary style aeg rifle have?

375 FPS

How much fps does a f4-d air soft rifle have?

300 fps or 320

How much SPF is a Redrider BB gun?

Did you mean FPS? the FPS for the Daisy Red Ryder is about 220 FPS (Feet Per Second.)

How do you know how much you have increased your paintball markers fps?

Shooting it over a chronograph is the only way to be sure. You can guess depending on what it says in the manual, like if it says +5 fps per quarter turn.

How much fps does a crosman R71 airsoft rifle?

Crosman says it's 200 FPS.

How much fps does a KART M14 EBR bb gun have?

It's rated at 340 FPS.

How much fps does the jt er2 have?

Almost all paintball guns will shoot 300 fps.

Why girls don't play FPS games?

Girls like FPS Games. I know a lot of girls who play them.

How much fps using 12 gram for black eagle soft air rifle?

375 FPS