How do you kill the tigrex?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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in the training school choose the hunting horn, when you start do the combo white white red two times, once done aim for the head, when it is weakened put it to sleep with the throwing knives, once asleep plant the two supply large barrel bomb Right next to each other at its head, then explode the bombs with the Sm barrel bomb, whilst it is waking up lay a trap down, it should then either run or jump into the trap, when it is trapped go in for the kill!

If you want to do the actual quest and not waste your time in the training school, get full Rathian armor, either gunner or blademaster, whichever you prefer, and grab your favorite weapon (preferably a Thunder type). Get 2 genprey fangs and 2 trap tools, 10 potions, 5 hot drinks, as many paintballs as you have, 10 small barrel-bombs, 3 large barrel-bombs, and whatever you need for your cless (whetstones for blademasters, coatings/shots for gunners). Combine a fang and a trap tool to get a shock trap. Next, head out on the mission. For the Snowy Mountains, he will start in zone 8, ussually moving to zone 7 after. Throw a paintball at him so you don't loose him. Next, pretty much just avoid his attacks and attack his tail when you can. When he looses his tail (only happens with blademasters), focus on the sides, NEVER the front. Use shock traps when you can to get 8-9 free hits and he should start limping in no time. Whenhe limps, he will try to get away, hit him as much as you can. When he escapes, follow him and wait 30 seconds before entering the area he is in. Clear the area of giaprey, being careful not to hit him, then, whilst he's asleep, set 2 large barrel-bombs by his head, then a small barrel-bomb next to those. This may or may not kill him. If it doesn't, just keep attacking til he dies, won't be long til he does.

He who uses the bow with skill will surely not be hit

My aimis true and my eyes sharp


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Q: How do you kill the tigrex?
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How do you get tigrex skull shell?

To get tigrex skull shell you must simply carve him.First break its head (its ears) and kill him.Then carve his body 3 times and you must get a skull.It have allways worked for me.

How do you get a tigrex claw plus?

you gotta kill a high rank tigrex, they're hard to kill, so unless you've got awesome weapons and armor, you gotta death wish, i recomend full rathalos soul armor or full ordinary tigrex armor, then use a devil slicer, true devil slicer if you can use longswords. if you can't use longswords, use high thunder attribute weapons

How do you kill a tigrex?

I would suggest you capture it but if you insist on killing it I would suggest using a dragon elemented weapon. N<K3 FRVR

What is the difference between a tigrex and a nargacuga?

The difference is that the Nargacuga is much faster and stronger and trust me harder to defeat. As for weapons the tigrex has a much higher power level but less of a chance for critical hits.

What is the strongest annimal?

the strongest annimal is a tigrex if you are talking about monster hunter freedom2

Where to get a monster bone plus in mhfu?

i dont know but i am trying to kill a tigrex and need mb+ well if you check out the down-loadable mission " they call it mega yian kut-ku " you have a good chance of getting up to three monster bone+ in the reward afterwards

How do you get trigrex tail in monster hunter freedom 2?

hunt a tigrex and cut of its tail you should get one when you loot the tail or at the end you should get it in the rewards page

How do you beat tigrex?

Well, it's a tigrex so really no easy way. However, i recommend you attacking its tail with a long sword first. Take your time and get in one or two attacks at a time, then roll or back slash away. After that, just keep attacking it little by little. The tail should be cut off first because it will hreatly decrease the range of its tail spin. Also, when it enters rage mode, do not go anywhere near it when it's charging. Hope this helps:) There are also guides on youtube.

How to beat tigrex in Metal Gear Solid?

Do you mean Metal Gear: REX? If you do, use the stinger (Rocket Launcher) and shoot at the Radome. The radome is the circular object on REX located on the left of the machine (Your right). Dodge the incoming rockets and machine gun fire and keep shooting. Eventually, Gray Fox will save you.

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