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Kick really hard...

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Q: How do you kick a football far?
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How do you kick a football far without special boots?

With alot of difficulty!

How far can Sebastian janikowski kick a football?

From Oakland to San Francisco

How far a football goal post from penalty kick point?

18 area

How do you kick a football?

Click on the 'How to Kick a Football' link on this page to learn how to punt and kick field goals.

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

How far do football kickers kick?

Basically all footballers can kick the ball about half the length of the pitch. But some can kick it further, some goalkeepers can kick it 3/4 the length and even the length of the pitch.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

How far back for a free kick in football?

All players must be at least 10 metres away from the ball.

How does math affect sports?

because if your in football you would need the numbers how far or kick the ball if in golf you need to kown how far to hit the ball

What does a kicker do in football?


How far should a 13 year old boy kick a football soccer?

There is no real limits that someone should be looking to hit a football, it depends, if you are a goalkeeper you would need to kick it probably to the halfway line, but if you are a striker if you could kick it 30 yards that would be far enough. Do not think you have to hit certain targets because whatever you can do is enough.

How do football and football work together?

you kick them bofe

Can you get me some cheats for football academy ds?

there is one which is kick the football as you kick it click the r button

Does the size of a football affect its kicking distance?

yes it does when you change the size of the football you change the way the air moves around it. The smaller the football the less air resistence but less stability, meaning it will go far but not where you want it. The larger the football the more air resistance and more stability, meaning it won't go as far as the small football but it will be more accurate. Really it all comes down to how hard you kick it, and how you kick it.

What do you do with footballs?

In American football (gridine) you kick and throw it. In Irish football (gaelic) you kick, hanball and throw it. Soccer - Kick and Throw Aussie Rules - Kick, HAndball, SMILE!!!!

How do you kick far on the app NFL pro 2012?

you have to push the football into the 100 zone then push up real fast

Which England football team play silly football?

man utd play silly football they don`t know how to kick a football or take a free kick

Why do they call it football when you do not kick?

The ball is kicked in American football: at kick off, during fieldgoal attempts, and when punted.

What type of kick is used to start a football game?

It is the kick off.

Passeges of football?

kick the ball

Why did you kick my dog?

I thought it was a football.

What surfaces are in contact when you kick a football?


How do you kick the ball far on monkey kick off?

Kick it by clicking the mouse.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

What letters stand for kick returner in football positions?

KR = Kick Returner