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Step 1. Have a pair of football gloves, football boots and, of course, a football.

Step 2. Bring the football close to your chest, not too close, but just right.

Step 3. Release the ball so it is in the air for a short period of time.

Step 4. As the ball drops towards your kicking foot, move your kicking foot towards the general direction of the ball. Make sure to move your foot with great power and swiftness, as this will mean the ball goes faster, baby.

Step 5. -WARNING- You must ensure that you make contact with the football, otherwise this will not work.

Step 6. Release your foot from the area in which the ball has been hit.

Step 7. Admire yourself as the ball goes over the neighbour's fence.

Step 8. Never ask such a question on WikiAnswers.

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Q: How do you kick a ball like Edwin van der sar?
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