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Depending on the brand, or how muddy it is, u should be able to hand wash the gloves, using a well trusted clean brand to then dry them in the sun, on a sunny day, do not put out on a rainy. For then they will get even more wet. So in conclusion if your keeping gloves get wet, put in sun and wait till dry.

If damaged, buy new gloves, not Adidas for they are budget.

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yes they can also be washed

if they get wet try to let them air dry

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its simple, take a fat dookie into your gloves the night before the big game, and in the morning, your gloves will smell like butt loaf

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spit water onto them but dont soak them

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Q: How do you keep your goalkeeper gloves from ripping?
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In soccer are hard-ground goalkeeper gloves the same as AstroTurf goalkeeper gloves?

Yes, they are designed for the same purpose. Normal goalkeeper gloves rip up instantly on astroturf. But hard-ground/AstroTurf goalkeeper gloves are designed with the same material to withstand harder surfaces and not ripping.

Who puts on gloves in football?

goalkeeper can keep hands on football

What gloves does van der sar use?

Goalkeeper gloves

What brand are the best goalkeeper gloves?

I think Adidas ultimate goalkeeper gloves are THE best gloves but they are expensive. If you don`t have much money buy Adidas Allround

How do you be a good goalkeeper hints?

Wear gloves

What is the best goalkeeper gloves?

Adidas or nike you get me

Which goalkeeper wears t90 goalkeeper gloves?

I believe Tim Howard does, but they might be Mecurial Vapors..

What are the best junior goalkeeper gloves?

NOT Sells, there is a big range of Adidas gloves, they are great!!

What do goalkeeper need?

They need goalie gloves, A goal and a strip.

WHO is a goalkeeper?

In soccer the goalkeeper is the person that stands in front of the goal. They are aloud to us there and usually ware a colorful Jersey and gloves.

What brand has the best quality of goalkeeper gloves?

That is a really a matter of debate and personal preference. However, the two best selling brands of goalkeeper gloves are Uhlsport, used by many professionals, and Adidas.

What goalkeeper gloves does shay given wear?

Puma Evospeed 1.2