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Skiing means cold temperatures and cold temperatures can mean cold feet. Make sure that you wear "ski" socks. Ski socks are generally thicker and should go all the way up your shin. You can wear two ski socks if you like. You can also take your ski boots to the ski shop and have them put in battery operated heated footbeds. These are wonderful for the skier that skis every day. You clamp a small battery on your boot that turns the heat on and off in your boot. Some systems have low and high settings. You have to remember to recharge your batteries though! The batteries are very tough and can handle most ski crashes you have. This system can be expensive, but is worth it. You can also purchase heat packs that you shake up to activate heat. You place them under the sole of your foot. These usually just work for a few hours and then you throw them away. You can put these in gloves as well. Make sure that your feet aren't too hot because they might sweat. This will make them damp and could then lead to cold feet. Make sure to dry your boots out when you are at home. They make boot dryers you can place them on. Or you can pull out the lining to dry them. Do this daily as your boots will most likely become wet from snow and ice.

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Q: How do you keep your feet warm while skiing?
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