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put an car freshener in your shoe while you practice. I've tried it, it works!

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Q: How do you keep shoes for smelling without spending to much money keep it under 5?
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Can you get an STD from smelling shoes?

No, you can't get a STD from smelling shoes.

How can I get rid of my shoes smelling?

you wash you feet and get feet and shoes sanitizer

Why do you have to have clean shoes?

if you do not clean your shoes they will start smelling and if you clean them and wash them they will smell and look good.

What are some shoes that will reduce pain from plantar fasciitis when running?

You should try gel inserts or orthotics with your current running shoes first, to see if that eases the pain without spending a lot of extra money. A sports medicine doctor can fit you for custom orthotics.

How do you keep foot from smelling?

You can keep feet from smelling by either washing it daily or wearing airy shoes or 100% cotton socks (or as close as 100% as you can get...).

Do you wear socks with jazz shoes?

No, you don't wear socks with jazz shoes. You can put baby powder on your feet to keep them from smelling and sweating, too.

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I'm looking to buy a good pair of running shoes without spending a lot of money. What would the best shoe for this be?

The best shoe would be the New Balance MT20V1 which sells at amazon starting at $59.00.This shoe is light weight and breathable but also rugged where needed.

What did a leprechaun enjoy spending their time doing?

Leprechauns enjoy making shoes.

Do you wear socks with your jazz shoes?

No, you don't wear socks with jazz shoes. You can put baby powder on your feet to keep them from smelling and sweating, too.Read more: Do_you_wear_socks_with_jazz_shoes

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