How do you keep a kite flying?

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it all has to do with the wind there has to be a lot of wind for the kite to fly

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Q: How do you keep a kite flying?
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What is slag fro plane?

flying bus, flying kite, kite

Why is a flying kite good?

A non flying kite would defeat the purpose of it being a kite entirely.

Why do people have bloody hands after flying a kite?

People have bloody hands after flying a kite because the string attached to the kite is a thread which has pieces of glass attached to it, that helps to keep the kite moving, and helps the kite flyer to be in control. Many accidents can also occur during such tournaments, and hands can easily get cut if the kite flyer is not careful. That's why the kite flying tournament is important as it shows the power and control of the victorious kite runner

What are advantages and disasvantages of kite flying in Pakistan?

many death occures by kite flying

What is the definition for kite string?

A kite string is a string which connects a kite to the person flying it. The string not only prevents the kite from flying away but actually keeps it flying by assuring that it does not turn from the wind.

What country is kite flying popular in?

kite flying is popular in China,Japan and Korea as-well

What are the advantages and disadvantages of kite flying?

kite flying may cause death and it is enjoyable too

What is the mood of The Kite Runner?

The mood of one flying a kite i would say is optimistic. Flying a kite doesn't always go as planned.

What do you call it you ride a kite in the sky?

You'd be simply flying a kite.

Does cardboard work in flying a kite?


Is flying a kite a density application?

No, it is not.

When is Kite Day?


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