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there are 3 steps to jumping on a bmx bike:

1) compress- put your weight over the handlebars

2) quickly lean back over your seat

3) after doing this, your front wheel will lift off of the ground. to lift the back wheel up, scoop your opposite foot out and up in a "j" motion while your front wheel is in the air

once you are able to get both wheels in the air, continue practicing and eventually your bunny hops will become higher and higher

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โˆ™ 2011-11-11 17:52:39
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Q: How do you jump a bike jump?
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Can you jump on your bike on Pokemon diamond?

the only way to jump on bike is to jump of a cliff!

How is a jump bike different than a regular bike?

A jump bike is more suited toward jumps, tricks and fancy riding. A regular bike is not suited toward these types of activities but mostly for normal riding.

How do you jump bike bridges on Pokemon Sapphire?

Go to Mauville city and get the acro bike then pess the b or a(i dont know which)button near the bike bridge to make it jump!

How do you make a dirt bike jump?

get some dirt and make a jump

How do you jump on a bike on pearl?

You Can't

What is the longest jump on bike?


How do you jump the match bike in Pokemon sapphire?

Only the acro bike can do tricks.

How do you jump a dirt bike?

cruise until you get up to the jump and when you hit the very end of the jump gunn it

Can you safely go over a bike jump on a dirt trail?

Depends on you, your bike, your speed and the size of the jump. Weak bike + heavy rider + big jump + high speed will add risk to it while strong bike + light rider + small jump + low speed will make it fairly safe. You will probably be somewhere in between these extremes so there's no way of telling how "safe" you will be.

How do you jump the gaps with the acro bike?


How do you get across the bike trail in the safari on Pokemon sapphire?

you need to get Acro bike then jump sidewards hold down then up then it will start to jump

How deep is a foem pit the one's u jump in with bike's and shuff?

A form pit the one's one jump in with bike's and shuff is about 2 m deep.

How do you jump dirt bikes correctly?

you should have a race bike to jump high. to jump correctly you have to be in the attack position before you jump. the attack position is where you stand up on the bike, knees slightly bent, standing with your butt twards the back of the bike, elbows bent and looking always in front of you. never at the ground. when you are coming twards the jump give it a handful of gas ( still in the attack position until you land) when your in the air grip the bike with your knees to avoid wiping out. when you land make sure your standing and land with a bit of gas to even the bike out.

How do you jump on your bike in Pokemon Ruby?

Get an Acro Bike and hold down B while moving.

What will happen if you do not have the suspension at the bottom of your dirt bike when you jump?

you will crash and heart your self and demige your bike

Is a TTR 125 a safe jumping bike?

You can jump the bike as much as you want but dont try anything to crazy for the simple fact of lack of power but it is a trail riding bike if you want a bike to jump i would suggest a yz 125. or if you trail ride a yzf 250

How do you get your whole bike in the air when you hit a jump?


How do pop start a dirt bike?

First put the bike in neutral and push it as fast as you can. Next jump on the bike about half way down the hill' right after you jump on, pull in the clutch, shift into 1st or 2nd gear, let off the clutch, and give the bike a little gas.

Can you jump start 2002 Harley Davidson deuce from a car?

You can do it if there is some power left in the bike's battery. You do not need enough power to turn the starter but there must be enough to excite the fields of the alternator and to power the fuel pump if it is an injected bike. Let me forewarn you though that jump starting a bike by towing the bike and rider with a car is very dangerous. The biker would be far better off being pushed by others or coasting down hill to jump start the bike. Jump starting any bike using a car can destroy the stator and regulator.

How much are used bomber shocks for a mountain bike?

Marzocchi bomber forks are used as a dirt jump shock but i ride DH on my dirt jump bike with those shock and can manage.

What actors and actresses appeared in Motor Bike Jump Stunts. Pants Get Killed - 2004?

The cast of Motor Bike Jump Stunts. Pants Get Killed - 2004 includes: Kim Johnsen

What bike is best an bmx or mountain bike or an jump bike?

Depends on what type of riding you want to do. For BMX-type stunts - get a BMX. For going some serious distances both on and off-road - get a MTB. Don't really know what you mean by jump bike.

How do you make your bike jump on Pokemon?

In Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald you can make your bike jump by holding B. you will then bunnyhop. In diamond, pearl and platinum you can only jump when there are special ramps like in wayward cave. You can't jump in red, blue, yellow, gold, silver or crystal though.

How do you jump a mountain bike?

You ride up and off a ramp

How do get to fortree city on ruby?

get on bike and jump ofer the hedge