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well you have to play for your local team, then get spotted by a scout, then the manager could except you, then you would be in the resere team and then you work your way to become a superstar! i hope i helped you!!!

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Q: How do you join livepool football club as a player?
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How do you become a football player?

Join a club, then show up to the games.

How can I attend as a junior in Dubai's football teams as a football player?

just go to any football club in Dubai and ask them if you could join the club.

How do u become a football player?

Join a local football team and if u play good u might get scouted and join a youth club then u have to do good to join the real team

How do you join a football club in England from Pakistan?

Because i like foot ball and i am also player of the football.i am very talented player

Can a football club bid for a player off transfer season?

Yes. The player would join his new club on the day the transfer window opens but everything else can be completed prior to this

Is there a fee to join the Fulham Football Club?

"Yes, there is indeed a fee to join the Fulham Football Club. The fee is to help the Fulham Football team buy new equipment and help the have a better football team."

Can you join man utd football club?


Where can you join a cricket club in Mumbai as a player?

I want to join cricket club in mumbai.anywhere

How do you get into a football academy?

get scouted when you join a club like alltars

You want to join a girls football club?

Ask the coach

How can i join to German football team?

To join any good club you must be young, skilful and ,a very good at football to be selected.

How do you join Arsenal football club?

you have to be a good footballer(extremely good)