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Type your answer here... by being young,good,discipline,love and peace.the chances are high to become the next knowledge musona

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Q: How do you join kaizer chiefs youth academy?
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How do you join kaizer chiefs academy?

by traininng with your age group at the academy

Is athur zwane still playing for kaizer chiefs?

Veteran Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Arthur Zwane has oficially stopped playing and wil join up with the Amakhosi technical team until the end of the current season.

How can i join the arsenal youth academy?

first you have to be a fantastic footballer then be playing for a regular club then a scout will spot you and probably invite you to the great arsenal academy

How can one become a kaizer chiefs supporters membership card holder and what are the fees and benefits per membership card?

# im a big fan for amakhosi My name is MRS BONGIWE BRAIG iwant to join AMAKHOSI.iwant to be a member

How can you join the hull city youth academy?

If you are good and people here about you the club will send a scout, if the scout likes you and your talent he may ask you to come and train with the academy.

Can you join Crystal Palace Football Club?

You can't really join an English Premier League club just like that. They only recruit players from good clubs all over England and Europe and from their youth team. But you could try and join their youth academy.

How can you join Chelsea?

The best way to join Chelsea would be to get scouted at an early age playing semi or professional football. Or you can try and work your way through their youth academy.

How can i join Youth Congress?

I just want to be a part of the Youth Congress. How can i join this?

Can you join Arsenal football club?

You can join the club as a "member" which means you pay a yearly membership fee and have access to tickets. If you mean as a player, Arsenal only invite players into their academy who have been recommended by their own scouts. So, no, you can't just show up and ask to join their youth academy.

How would kids join the Hitler youth?

Did the children in Britain have to join a youth group?

How old do you need to be to join the police academy?

You need to be over eighteen to join the police academy.

How do you join a cricket academy in south Africa?

yes i join a cricket academy in south africa.Plz join me i m best player in pakistan country

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