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Q: How do you join a clan in cloud raiders?
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How do you invite people to join your clan if they are not on your friend list?

go into your clan setup and change the setting to allow anyone to join your clan... then get them to click join clan then they have to type your username when prompted to join clan

How can you join a clan in pokemon omega?

You cant join a clan.Someone has to invite you to join their clan.

How do you join clan in cod ghosts?

you can create it or you can join which will require invites to the clan for you to join

Why did you join this clan?

Because the clan is epic!

How do you join a clan in cf?

clan battle

You wana join a clan on runescape?

no thank you i have my own clan Another reply: Anybody can create a clan. You can join somebody else's clan if they allow you.

How do you join the roblox clan?

There are many non-official "clans" on Roblox. To join a clan you have to find the clan leader and ask him/her.

How do you join a clan on combat arms?

click on clan at the top then click search then search for the leader id or clan name then find the clan you want then click join clan

What if you can't join a clan in crossfire?

Then you won't be able to join any clan wars.

Is the a QuickScoping clan I can join for the Xbox 360?

come join my quickscoping clan my name is cozonator :)

How do you join a clan in Adventure Quest?

go to palaxia and click on the clan that u want to join!

Where is the apply button to join a clan on combat arms?

Go to the clan tap and search for the clan that you want to join. You should find the button there.