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Normally at right angles to the existing piping flow, IF it can handle the added volume

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Q: How do you install sewer pipes to existing pipes?
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Catching a rat with a sewer camera?

You could install your own sewer cam and get a look however doing so would likely involve getting in to your sewer pipes which is best left to a professional. Call a plumber to look in to your pipes if he can't find anything install the cam while he's got the pipes open.

Where is diesel found?

it is found in sewer pipes in the USA

Town sewer pipes covered house to road?

Not normally even the connection to the public sewer is not covered

Toilet installation below sewer line?

Need to install a sewer pump to pump the sewer up to the sewer waste line

Will muriatic acid unclog sewer pipes?

No, it will destroy the pipe

How do you remove corrosion off sewer pipes?

With a wire brush.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean sewer pipes?

Absolutely not

Will not having a drain pipe from sink and shower pipes to outsides drainage pipes have any connections to sewer problems you are having?

Probably not, but where does the water from the sink and shower go and what sewer problems are you having?

What is high density polythene used for?

Pipes. It is used for alot of underground storm, sewer or freshwater pipes by cities.

What is the proper method to install a clean out in an existing clay sewer line?

Clean out installed right angle of the direction of flow

Can spruce roots damage water pipes or sewer lines?


What diameter are most PVC sewer pipes?

3" - 6"

Does homeowners insurance cover broken underground sewer pipes?

Yes it normally does.

What trees will seek out your sewer and water pipes?

Any tree that has long roots.

What are some of the duties of a sewer contractor?

A sewer contractor repairs and maintains existing sewer lines in addition to constructing and installing new ones. These jobs can be for residential and/or business clients.

Can water and sewer pipes be in the same trench?

Yes, but with certain requirements as the water piping has to be higher then the sewer line among other code items

What is difference between sewage and a sewer?

Sewage is whats in the sewer. Sewage is human waste, water, and even rainwater which collects via a sewer and then gets transported through pipes underground to sewage plants.

You want to install shower in the basement tying into the main drain for the house should there be some kind of backflow preventer installed between the shower trap and the main line to prevent backup?

If the existing sewer line is lower than basement grade (does it go into the basement floor and out of the house?) you can just connect in to the existing drain. By code, sewer lines must have a slope of 1/4 inch per running foot, meaning that raw sewage will run AWAY from the main plumbing stack of the house. If the sewer line is ABOVE the level of the basement plumbing fixtures, you will need to purchase and install a pump check-valve, and tank to install any plumbing below the house sewer line. If you have any questions, contact a licensed plumber to find out the needs of your home.

What is meaning swr grade pipes?

Different kinds of pipe suitable for sewer lines.

How are concrete sewer pipes made?

Concrete and cast Iron pipes are made of cast iron and plastic piping systems normally use plastics

When were ceramic sewage pipes used?

ceramic sewer pipes otherwise known as vitrified clay pipes (ethenware pipes) were used between the 1920's and 1980's. these types of pipes are not commonly used anymore due to the cost of material and labour intensity

How do you prevent sewer line backing up into basement?

Install a one way check valve in the line from the house to the sewer.

How do you unfreeze sewer pipes?

The easiest way and safest to thaw sewer lines is the use of a water Jetter with warm water NOT hot as you do not want to thermo shock the pipe

Will home owners insurance cover a pre-existing sewer problem?

No, sorry.

What animal burrows in hard ground where it is moist such as under snow or by sewer pipes?

An animal such as rats.