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Q: How do you install an i-mix clubhead to a shaft?
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Does publishing an iMix to the web allow others to listen to your songs?

No, it does not. Publishing your iMix to the web ony let's others know that you have that iMix out on itunes. It is pretty much just an "advertisement" for your iMix.

What is the proper way to put on the Nike SQ Sumo 5000 headcover?

Insert the clubhead and then push the shaft down between the gaps.

How can you view other peoples playlists on itunes?

go to "iMix" under music section and you'll be taken to the iMix screen.

When was Clubhead Nonstopmegamix created?

Clubhead Nonstopmegamix was created on 2004-06-29.

What is torque in a graphite golf shaft?

Torgue refers to the twisting that happens to the shaft of a club as it is swung. Not only does the shaft of a golf club flex or bend as it is swung but it twists also. A graphite shaft manufacurer that markets a shaft as having low torque for examle, is saying that the shaft is designed to resist twisting as it is swung. The theory being less torque creates a more stable clubhead at impact.

Can you get more distance with a stiff shaft?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the way you swing. It is widely believed that a slow swinger would get more distance with a softer shaft. Flex only determines where the clubface is at impact. If you have a fast swing speed and a regular flex shaft, you will put too much load on that shaft and it will release or un-load too soon, so the clubhead will be closed or shut at impact causing you to hook it. A slower swing speed with a stiff shaft causes a slice because you are not able to put enough of a load into that shaft so it will not release fast enough, so when you get back to impact it hasn't released fully meaning the clubhead will be open. Shaft has nothing to do with distance, the ball you play and hitting it square will get you the distance.

Does a ball retriever or an umbrella count as a club in your bag?

No, neither a ball retriever or an umbrella count as a club in your bag. The rules state that to be considered a club it must have a grip, shaft and a clubhead.

Is there a 650cc golf clubhead for lefties?

Wouldn't think so. The maximum clubhead size allowed under the rules of golf is 460cc.

What are the 5 parts of a clubhead?

Clubface,toe, heel

Can i change the shaft on my Nike Sasquatch Machspeed driver if so how?

you can change it but you have to get either a shaft that already is compatible with the str8-fit or someone to install the shaft into the str8-fit ending.

If the shaft on a club is to flexiable for your swing will you slice the ball or hook it?

Sorry, but if your shafts are too flexible for your swing speed, it can cause you problems. But it depends on other mechanics of your swing whether it causes the ball to move left or right. Talk to a PGA pro. You will hook it, because if you swing to fast for the shafts flex rating it will put too much of a load, or too much flex into the shaft and what happens is that the shaft will unload faster or release to quickly and the club head will beat you hands and body back to the ball, so the shaft will now be flexing the other way which means the clubhead will be closed or shut at impact, causing a slice. A shaft that is too stiff for you causes a slice because the opposite happens, and you can't put enough of a load on the shaft and it won't release fast enough so your hands and body beat the clubhead to the ball and when the club gets there it hasn't fully release enough so the clubface will be open causing a slice.

Can you switch a shaft from one golf driver to another golf driver?

Yes, in principle you can take a shaft out of one club and put it in another. If it's a steel shaft, it's almost certainly cheaper to just replace it with a new one. For graphite it's not beyond the capabilities of a well-equipped shop, but it would still probably be cheaper when it was all over to put a new one in the other clubhead. Unless it was a really special shaft. And I can't define "really special".