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Firstly you should have a long thin metal rod (spindle) which you slide it through your bottom bracket.

Secondly Slide around 1-2 spacers on the side of the spindle which your sprocket it going on. (This will prevent your sprocket having contact with the bottom bracket)

Then place your spocket on and then add more spacers ( Some prefer a small space there which determines how close your feet are beside each orther)

Then you can place your pedal arms on the spindle each side. On the side of your sprocket there should be a bolt on pedal arm wich fits a hole on your sprocket, This is quite important as it will allow you to pedal.

After all this install the bolt wich fits the end of the pedal arm which will stop it from coming off the spindle. Finally screw your pedals on.

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Q: How do you install a d20 3 piece bmx crank set?
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