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There are a couple of things that someone can work on to try to increase the hangtime of a football punt. Obviously, kicking the ball higher would increase the hang time. However, kicking the ball so that it spirals instead of falls end-over-end will increase the hang time because the ball will catch more air resistance from underneath.

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Q: How do you increase your hangtime punting a football?
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In football what does hangtime mean?

Hangtime refers to the time when the ball is punted, to the time the ball hits the ground or is caught by the opposing team. More simply, hangtime is the total time the ball is in the air.

Punting is a form of what?

kicking the football

When a football is punted and touched by the punting team a receiving team player can pick up the ball with no risk of fuble for how long?

If the football is first touched by the punting team, it's dead at that point.

In football what does hang time mean?

Hangtime is how long the football is suspended in there air. The hand time is no more when the ball hits the ground or is caught.

When did NBA Hangtime happen?

NBA Hangtime happened in 1996.

Is hangtime a vector or scalar?

"Time" is a scalar."Hangtime" is a myth.

What is the wiaa rule on downing a punt what must the punting team do to down the punt?

In ALL FOOTBALL a punting team must actually CONTROL the ball to down it. It is commonly believed that the punting team merely has to touch the punted ball to down it, but that is incorrect. The punting team must CONTROL it to down it.

When was NBA Hangtime created?

NBA Hangtime was created on 1996-04-16.

What bones are used in punting a football?

legs and feet...common sense; because you punt with your foot...

When are your feet used in American football?

They're used mainly when the players are running and the other times are when they are punting and kicking.

How do you calculate football punting distance?

From the line of scrimmage to the spot where the ball is touched dead or where the returner starts his return.

What is hangtime?

Ask Felicia lol