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Skipping as much as you can at a time... do it twice or thrice a week.

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Q: How do you increase stamina for bodybuilding?
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How do you increase our stamina?

You can increase your stamina by taking part ina phisycal movement.

What are some sprays or tablets which increase sex stamina?

There are no sprays or tablets that increase sex stamina.

How do you increase your stamina in football?

football involves cardiovascular exercises which increase your stamina and other parts of your health

Does bodybuilding help increase height?


How do you increase body stamina?

Type your answer here... i am 40 years old and digestion problems how do i increase my weight and stamina

How do you increase the stamina?

increase cardio exercise

Does bodybuilding increase blood pressure?


What are the food items increases stamina?

There is no food that increases your stamina, but there is food that can increase your energy for a short time, for example an energy drink or a chocolate bar. If you want to increase your stamina, then exercise.

Does redbull increase sex stamina?

No redbull doesn't improve sex stamina.

How do you increase sexual stamina?

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to increase sexual stamina is to have more sex, which shouldn't be too hard.

Does apples increase stamina?

yes it does, atleast times a week of apples can improve your stamina

What does Stamina do in Final Fantasy II?

Stamina tells how fast the other stats increase.

Do chic peas help increase stamina?

I'm not sure if chick peas increase stamina but i can tell you this: they are high in protein. Try looking in Wikipedia

What can you eat to increase your stamina?


What does stamina do in Final Fantasy I?

In Final Fantasy I, Stamina determines how fast the other stats increase.

How does excersise increase your stamina?

Every exercise will help you increase your stamina. You will be able to play basketball, or any sport longer because you will have become used to exerting yourself.

How far do you have to run to increase your stamina?

To increase your stamina you run/jog certain distance everyday. As the days go on you should increase the distance you run. You will start seeing results in 2-3 weeks time.

How To Increase Stamina?

Eat and drink healthy!

How do you increase physical fitness and stamina?


How can you increase your running stamina?

run alot

Will a treadmill workout increase may stamina?

Treadmill workouts are good low impact workouts that can definitely increase stamina, especially if the treadmill has the ability to alter incline and speed.

How do you increase stamina in one day for 200m?

You cannot

How do you increase your stamina?

There are many things that you can do to increase your stamina and endurance, like:You can eat foods which will increase your staminaYou can exercise more and more intenseYou should have a balance between resting and exercisingYou can Cross TrainTry Plyometrics

What does running do for cheerleaders?

it helps keep them in shape and increase their stamina

Does bananas increase stamina?

Well, it may or may not. It depends.