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Practice practice practice. The more and longer you run, the better your 5k time will be.

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Q: How do you improve your tree mile time for cross country?
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How can you improve your mile time?

You can improve your mile time by increasing your strength. Mile time can also be improved by increasing your stamina.

What is a good 1.5 mile cross country time for a seventh grade boy?

As a 7th grader I ran a 1.5 mile cross county race with a mile pace of 5:35

Fastest cross country high school 2-mile time?


What is a good mile time for women's cross country?

I would say a good time for a woman to run just a mile cross country would be around 6 minutes. A good split for a three mile would be 7 minutes.-------------------------------------------- It depends what shape you are in. I am a teenager and it literally takes me only 4-6 minutes to run 1 whole mile. But I am in REALLY good shape for I have ran cross-country and track for 2 years.

What is a good and average time for cross country 3 mile run in freshmen year?

about 22:00

What is the average time for a high school cross country runner in a 3 mile race?

19 minutes

What is cross country PE?

Best runner in the world(currently): JFire with a time of 2:31 seconds in the mile Slowest: KBenk with a time of: hes still running his first mile

What is a good way to improve your time in the mile run?


Is a 5 minute 27 second mile good for a 14 year old?

If your only running 1 mile then 5:27 is nothing special. But if your running a race, like in cross country its pretty insane. I'm 13 and run cross country for the wilde lake high school cross country team and have done a 5:47 first mile and a 6:03 second mile. Finished with a time of 18:48 because of running the last mile slow. It also depends if you're built for running. I gave up cross country due to the fact that no matter how long I trained I couldn't get down to a 6 minute mile.

Is a 6 37 min mile good for a 13 year old?

well my daughter is in cross country and is 12 and her two mile time ig 559 so its pretty good

How do you improve your mile time you currently run a 615-640 mile depending on the track your goal is 600?

Improving your mile time takes lots of practice and perseverance. A 6:15 to 6:40 mile time is a good starting point, continue to practice on various tracks and you will surely improve.

Is it good for a 12 year old boy to get 643 on his mile time?

yeah it is....i got a 6:32 for the President's Physical Fitness Test this spring and I'm twelve too....just keep running and you'll improve your time. you sholud try cross country and/or track to keep in shape and maintain a good mile time. Hope this helps! that's a good time. when i was 12 i had a 5:01 mile. Of course this was after a seson of modified XC and track. IF anyone had a better time when they were 12 id like to know. :D

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