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Q: How do you improve your baseball hitting swing?
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What do you improve in baseball?

you practice your swing, fielding, and all round play

Should you upper cut your swing in baseball?

absolutley not the reason being is you will pop out a lot more. swing down and up. i would recommend Tony gwynns video with Harold Reynolds on hitting -Cooperstown

What is the difference between bunting and hitting in baseball?

I am a softball player. Let me say first, bunting is basically half the swing as hitting. Hitting consists of swinging a bat across your entire body. Bunting, you swing 180 degrees and stop and let the ball hit your bat. Bunting makes the ball go in play at a small distance; hitting the ball can make your ball go anywhere!

How do you improve your softball swing?

well, to improve your swing you need to practice swinging with your legs, hips, and arms .... also swing all the way through (not just half way threw)

Is basketball easier than baseball If so how is it easier than baseball?

basketball is not easier than baseball. when hitting in baseball, you have to determine what pitch is coming to you, then you have to swing, then you have to make contact on the exact right part of the bat for the ball to travel. this is extremely difficult to do. clearly, hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports. therefore, basketball is not as hard as baseball.

What do you do while hitting the birdie in badminton?

Aim carefully and swing emphatically.

How to improve my batting?

1st. try hitting the ball

What does 'You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a moron' mean?

"You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a moron" is a figure of speech. It means you can't do something stupid without expecting it to affect yourself.

How can you hit a ball better in baseball?

Quicker bat speed and a shortened swing where the bat drops at first with the hands then the swing rotation begins, and what is key for hitting faster pitching is turning the hips and the back foot and leading the swing with the bat knob. And make sure to keep the weight on you back leg and keep your head, shoulders, and chin locked in not pointing out. Hip and foot rotation is absolutely key for hitting better.

What is the golfing term for hitting the ball twice on the same swing?

Simply a double hit.

How do you gain power on your baseball swing i am 14 and last year i hit .214 and this year i am hitting .331 so im getting better but the power isn't there?

Practice like crazy. Start off hitting from tees, and then go from there. Do camps and clinics.

How do you swing like Ted Williams?

He wrote a book on hitting. It's a pretty good read.

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