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You can roll it into a cylinder that you can't quite reach all the way around, then just squeeze it 12-15 times, rest and repeat 3 times. You can vary this by squeezing it with your fingers held together but not bent at the middle joints,holding them as you would to finish tying a shoelace. You can also hold an end of the towel in each hand and play tug of war with yourself, which works on a more functional grip.

If you have more of a problem gripping from a disease or injury, try starting with laying the towel on a table. Place your hand flat on the towel and, keeping the heel of your hand in contact with the table,gather the towel under your palm with your fingertips. You can also start in the same position and spread and close your fingers, moving the towel with your fingers. You can contact a local Occupational or Physical Therapist for more help. You may need a referral from a doctor or nurse practioner, depending on your state, but try a OT or PT in private practice (use your Yellow Pages). They can tell you over the phone how to get an appointment.

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Q: How do you improve grip strength with a hand towel?
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