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the straps hook into the slots on the bottom of the pad it has it on each side

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Q: How do you hook on football shoulder pads?
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How do football shoulder pads hook?

If you're asking if it contains a hook, no.

Who invented the shoulder pads for football?

i did

Who invented the football shoulder pads?

i did

What are the equipment in football?

Qleats,helmet.tights with plastic pads in it,football gloves and shoulder pads. Cleats, Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Girdle, pad sets, jersey, pants, athletic XO Sports @ 866.496.4327. Great prices and great staff. they will hook you up with everything you need!

What were 1920s football shoulder pads made out of?

Shoulder pads of the 1920s were made of leather and were somewhat heavier than the shoulder pads worn today.

Does gear affect a football throw?

the gear that affects a football throw would be the shoulder pads because when you throw a ball your shoulder will rotate and when your shoulder pads are there then it interferes with your arm and shoulder

When were shoulder pads introduced into football?

In 1910, the rules of football changed and shoulder pads were introduced. This was done in an effort to lessen the number of injuries and fatalities.

What kind of shoulder pads does Brett Favre wear?

Brett Favre wears american football shoulder pads.

Why do football players where shoulder pads?

To protect their shoulders.

How do you put a football neckroll on shoulder pads?

snap it on

What do a football player wear to protect themselves?

shoulder pads a helmet a gurdle and pads

What equiptment do you need to play football?

shoulder pads,helmet,thigh pads,hip pads,knee pads,but pads,and a cup.

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