How do you hold a ping pong bat?

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It is actually a ping pong paddle. You hold it in one hand like you would grip a bat, upright.

Actually, more like a tennis racket, as Ping Pongs' other name , Table Tennis, would indicate.

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Q: How do you hold a ping pong bat?
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Is it a ping pong bat or racket?

The official name is racket.

How big would a triangular box need to be to hold 6 ping- pong balls 12 ping-pong balls and 24 ping-pong balls?

about 10cm2

What are some popular Ping Pong accessories?

Ping Pong or table tennis accessories are not very plentiful. They include wristbands and headbands, straps for the ping pong bat and coloured table tennis balls.

What is purpose of Microsoft?

ping pong ping pong ping pong fU

What is Chinese ping pong?

Chinese ping pong is Chinese ping pong.

What is correct Ping Pong or ping pong?

Ping Pong is correct because it is a national/ international sport

Where can one purchase new ping pong bats?

A ping pong bat can be bought at Amazon or at Argos. Millet has a great range of branded bats. Table Tennis Pro as well as Sports Direct sell ping pong bats in a very large variety.

Is ping pong a sport?

Ping-pong is a sport it is affiliated with hand eye coordination. The U.S. does have a ping-pong team and Singapore also have ping pong team.

The thickness of a ping pong bat is?

it depends, normally cheap ones are very thin though

What is the longest paddles in ping pong?

The Table-Tennis bat has no limit to size. It can be as big as you want it to be.

How many joules are used in a single swing of a ping pong bat?

nobody frikkin nos

What equipment is necessary to play a game of ping pong?

To play a game of ping pong, one would need two ping pong paddles, a small ping pong ball, and a ping pong table with a net. One would also need two players who will play ping pong.

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