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Topspin is a favorite of tennis professionals, especially Andy Roddick. Topspin makes the ball look like it is going fly far long when it drops back in. Plus, it has a super high bounce that can drive your opponent behind the baseline. Topspin is considered a high percentage shot perfect for a rally. You should use a grip that is between an Eastern and semi-Western grip. The main motion you do to create topspin is to brush up the back of the ball. Rotate your shoulders and begin with the racquet between shoulder and eye level. Loop the backswing around like you were looping over a large ball. Speed up your swing until you brush up the back of the ball. Pretend that the ball has a clock face on it. Brush the racquet upwards from 6 o

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Q: How do you hit topspin in tennis?
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How do you play topspin in table tennis?

You must hit on the top of the ball at the highest point of the bounce.

How do you hit a topspin lob in tennis?

Topspin lobs are a great tennis shot to have. A topspin lob adds depth to your game and keeps your opponent guessing. Instead of always hitting them volleys when they are at the net, slip in a few topspin lobs. You better hit the topspin lob properly because if you don't, your opponent will most likely crush it in your face. A topspin pulls your opponent out of position on the court as they run down the lob. A topspin lob is not for singles only. It can be highly effective when both opponents are at the net in doubles as well. To hit a topspin lob you brush up the back of the ball from 6 0'clock to 12 o'clock similar to how you would on a topspin groundstroke. However, you need height. Open up your racquet face so that it is angled more towards the sky. This will help get the trajectory you need. Also make sure to hit with authority. Otherwise the topspin will fall short. To practice your topspin lob have a partner feed you a forehand. Try to hit a topspin lob that sails high in the air and lands close to the baseline. Do this 10 times and repeat on your backhand.

How do you hit a tennis ball with topspin in tennis?

To hit a tennis ball with topspin, at the point of contact with the racquet being perpendicular to the ground, twist your wrist so the face of the racquet with the point of contact with the ball turns towards the ground. You must do this while you are swinging at the ball. Follow through with the ball, which means do not stop as soon as you hit the tennis ball and twist your wrist, but rather let the momentum let you take the racquet more forward after contact with the tennis ball has ceased. The best way to generate topspin is the "high-to-low" concept, by starting with your racquet low and ending up higher. View the Related Link to see a YouTube video of topspin demonstration.

Why do they call grip of a tennis racquet western grip and eastern grip?

Your grip refers to how you hold the tennis racket. An Easter grip allows you to hit a flatter ball, and a western grip gives you the abbility to hit more topspin.

What is the newest tennis game for the XBOX 360?

Topspin 4

What is hitting a tennis ball in a high arc called?

Loopy Topspin

What is the forward rotation put on a tennis ball called?

Its called Topspin.

How do you return a topspin shot in tennis?

the way you return a topspin shot is to make sure that you take the ball as early as possible. Usually just as its about to rise.

How will a table tennis ball with backspin bounce?

The opposite to a ball with Topspin Lower And Slower

What causes a tennis ball or a coin to spin?

When the ball hits the tennis racket, topspin (preffered stroke of tennis) makes the ball spin. The upward motion of the racket hitting the tennis ball.

How do you hit a topspin serve?

hit it with a normal backhand grip, striking upward

How do you return a topspin in table tennis?

When returning a topspin you should send it back with a nice back spin. this will cause the spin speed to double and when the ball hits the table it will come back towards you.

What do you mean by brushing the ball in tennis?

Brushing the ball means.... Hitting a topspin.... hitting up at a sharp angle behind the ball to make the ball dip and stay in court even when u hit it with all your power.... Magic... now go look for the balls u hit over the fence and start practicing Brushing the ball generally means going for low to high, and applying spin onto the ball. This is called topspin. The topspin will help the ball get into the court nice and deep.

A hard flat attacking stroke in table tennis?

Yes. It will be difficult to keep it down without adding topspin though!

How fast will a tennis ball loose its bounce?

It depends. A shot with backspin will drop a lot faster then a topspin or flat shot.

8 basic shots in tennis?

basic: forehand, backhand, serve, lob. advanced: topspin, slice, flat, and dropshot

Which tennis game is better Virtua tennis 2009 or Top Spin 3?

Vitua Tennis is heaps better because topspin 3 is played in slow motion and Virtua is a fast action packed game.Virtua tennis is more realistic and its got better game modes

What grip do you use to hit a buggy whip shot in tennis?

Use an Eastern grip, make contact slightly behind you, swing almost straight up, snap your wrist, and finish on the right side of your body. It's all topspin. Practice by dropping a ball a few feet to your right. Hit the shot on the run when a netrusher volleys out wide to your forehand. You can go behind him crosscourt, go down the line, or open the face for a sweet topspin lob.

When was Topspin Media created?

Topspin Media was created in 2007.

What is a very hard hit in tennis?

A very hard hit in tennis is a slapshor

How do you hit a fastball on wii sports tennis?

Hit the tennis ball 2 seconds before you would hit a regual hit

Why are there different back swings in tennis?

Different back swings in tennis yield different types of spin, speed, and direction of your ball. You use different back swings to have a variety of shots in your game. During ground stroke rallies you can hit with a full back swing and follow through that make the balls land deep in the court. This will most likely be a "flat" or no spin shot. You can limit your back swing and body rotation. When you do this with your back swing you are hitting a finesse shot such as a drop shot. Your opponent then must be ready to run for a short ball and/or to react to a slice spin. To hit topspin, use a looping back swing that often looks exaggerated. Balls with topspin rise up in the air and sometimes appear like they are going to be out. However, the topspin brings the ball back down quickly and the resulting bounce can be very high.

When tennis was first created what was the ball hit with?

In the 12th century, tennis was first hit by the ball with the hand.

Which is a common grip for holding a tennis racquet?

It depends on the shot you are hitting. On a topspin forehand, the taught grip is a semi-western. It provides an easy way to get spin and hit angles. A slice forehand would require more of a continental grip to get the necessary under spin. All backhands, volleys, and serves are commonly hit with a continental grip.

What is a ground stroke?

An groud stroke is a forehand or backhand that the ball is lower than a regular shot when you hit it. It usually has topspin.