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using your non dominant side of your body - you swing the raquet using two hands and follow through the ball.... opposite side to your dominant side...

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Q: How do you hit a backhand?
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What is a backhand in handball?

when you you use your backhand to hit a handball

What is backhand shot in badminton?

It is when you hit the shuttlecock with a racquet by using the backhand stroke

How do you hit a topspin serve?

hit it with a normal backhand grip, striking upward

How do you stop feeling scared when doing a backhand spring?

Do lots of drills and you will hit it

What is the antonym for backhand?

What is the antonym of backhand

Name all tennis shots?

Serve, Forehand,Backhand, (Forehand)volley, (Backhand) volley,smash, (Backhand) slice. Two handed Backhand, one handed Backhand. And i think there is a Backhanded smash i thought i heard my tennis coach say that. Oh and there is a difference between a top spin forehand and just like a swing forehand which is like back then hit ect. ;)

What is the terms of forehand in badminton?

there are basically two types of how you can hit forehand backhand forehand in any sport means using the side of your palm to hit the object and backhand means using the opposit side of your palm to hit. according to my knowledge i think this is the answer. hope this helped. :)

What is a backhand swing?

A backhand swing in tennis is using either one or two hands on the opposite side of your dominant hand to hit the ball. For example, if you have a two-handed backhand and you are right handed, you would swing at the ball with two hands on your left side. Thus, your backhand swing is on your left side with two hands.

Is it easier to get a standing backhand spring or round off backhand spring?

a standing backhand spring

What height should a ball be hit to execute an average forehand or backhand stroke in tennis?


When would you use a backhand return in table tennis?

when the ball comes on your backhand you would return it with your backhand. Don't always use your backhand though because as my coach told me. Backhand wins you points. Forehand wins you games and matches. Without a backhand you can't win though

What is a backhand drop?

It's where someone drops ya with they backhand

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