How do you hide your bulge?

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Wear a jock strap.

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Q: How do you hide your bulge?
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How can you use the word bulge in a sentence?

bulge can be best used as such. You have a bulge under your arm.

How do you hide your diaper bulge?

Compressing shorts can be worn over it to smooth the bulk, and loose clothing over that such as shorts or a skirt will make the bulge undetectable. Also if you're concerned about bulge you should wear the thinnest diaper you can for your needs.

How do you hide a fat stomach?

Black provides an illusion of being slightly slimmer. Sweaters hide fat too, making it harder to notice. Don't wear small sizes, they'll bulge.

How can you figure out if your boyfriend is hard without him noticing?

Look as his crotch and see if there is a bulge there, or if he tries to divert your attention away from, or hide, his crotch

How do you hide an errection?

Tuck it up into the waist band of your pants... Its what my partner does... It shows a slight bulge but that just makes it look like you have huge testicles...

What is a aqueous bulge?

a bulge in water

What does the term bulge mean in battle of the bulge?

the German offensive at the battle of the bulge caused a 'bulge' in the allied front lines, thus came about the term 'battle of the bulge'........

What is the modern 'battle of the bulge'?

Trying to lose weight! (The bulge is the abdominal or midriff bulge.)

What is a annular disc bulge and a concentric disc bulge?

What is a diffuse disc bulge? What is the cause(s)?

Minimal annular bulge?

Minimal annular bulge is a medical term used to describe a bulge in the intervertebral disc. This bulge pushes on nerves and causes pain.

Who started the Battle of the Bulge?

the Japanese started the battle of the bulge

Where was the battle of the bulge fought?

the battle of the bulge was fought in the ardennes

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