How do you hide your bulge?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Wear a jock strap.

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Q: How do you hide your bulge?
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How do you hide your diaper bulge?

Compressing shorts can be worn over it to smooth the bulk, and loose clothing over that such as shorts or a skirt will make the bulge undetectable. Also if you're concerned about bulge you should wear the thinnest diaper you can for your needs.

What is a sentence for bulge?

There was a strange bulge in the lawn.The Battle of the Bulge is a historic event.Karen went to the doctor as soon as she noticed a bulge beneath one of her breasts.

How do you hide an errection?

Tuck it up into the waist band of your pants... Its what my partner does... It shows a slight bulge but that just makes it look like you have huge testicles...

What does the term bulge mean in battle of the bulge?

the German offensive at the battle of the bulge caused a 'bulge' in the allied front lines, thus came about the term 'battle of the bulge'........

What is the modern 'battle of the bulge'?

Trying to lose weight! (The bulge is the abdominal or midriff bulge.)

What does galactic bulge mean?

It means when your in space and you have a big bulge.

Where did the bulge occur in the Battle of the Bulge?

The bulge was when the Germans surged ahead 60 feet in the Allied defenses in the Ardennes' Forest.

How many soldiers were in the battle of the bulge?

856,525 Allied soldiers fought in the Battle of the Bulge and the axis had 496,363 soldiers in the battle of the Bulge

Who was in the battla of bulge?

Germany, United states and Bitan were in the battle of the bulge

What word means to swell or stick out from a surface?


What is a aqueous bulge?

An aqueous bulge is a bulge that occurs in water. There is one on each side of the earth, one facing the moon and the other facing away from the moon, causing tides to occur.

Can a acident cause a disc bulge?

Yes a accident can cause a disc bulge