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Q: How do you have a first night in Indian style?
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What style are Krishna photos in?

The style that Krishna photos are in is the ancient Indian life style. The style has been used for centuries and is based around the Indian god Krishna.

What is a style of food such as Indian or Chinese which is a bit more unusual?


What clothing do they were in Brazil?

Indian style

Why do you think the british introduced Indian elements and styles in the building that they built in India?

britishers were attracted with the unique style of art done by indian artists,their unique style of making portraits on rock and ancient indian architecture style facinated them when they saw style of art on temples that attracted them and they introduced indian elements in buildings they built

What is Indian style of landscape architecture?

The Indian style of landscape architecture is Garden Art. The central feature of pre-colonial Indian landscape design was its complementary relationship with nature and experimental aesthetics.

Which are companies using Japanese or American style management in India?

name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management

What is the style of Night?

Effed up.

What is the muscle that allows you to sit Indian style?


What is the meaning of sitting in Indian style?

Well I do yoga a lot, and the Indian sitting style is called the lotus position, and it is the hardest position to sit in. It shows how flexible and strong you are.

What are the release dates for Operation Style - 2000 Game Night?

Operation Style - 2000 Game Night was released on: USA: 26 January 2001

What is a cree Indian?

Cree Indian is Something you mom says to your dad at night

Where can you find cheap Indian style boots?

On amazon they have a lot:D