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eephus pitchlookin to be a good pitcher?...............well this is agood pitch grab a ball ......ok now pick up the ball like a change up when you throw lob it a bit and watch it strike out the batter

There is a certain way you need to hold an eephus. You need to grab a Baseball. The two seams you would hold to throw a two seamed fastball need to be side to side instead of up and down. Then you hold the bottom seam with your thumb and index finger. Then you throw it as a normal fastball and as you throw it the ball will fly out of your hand with the rotation going forward. Then as the ball gets closer it just tumbles down a good 5 feet. I learned to throw this from my pitching coach who played 4 years D2 ball.

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Q: How do you grip the eephus pitch?
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Who was the first person to throw an eephus pitch?

Rip Sewell is credited with inventing the eephus pitch.

Who throws the eephus pitch on MLB 2k9?

Orlando Hernandez of the mets

What was the slowest pitch in MLB?

Vincente Padilla has thrown his 50 mph eephus pitch on many occasions.

What is an Eephous pitch?

An "eephus" pitch is a low velocity throw with a high arc, designed to trick the batter by disrupting his timing. Although the origin of the name "eephus" isn't definitively know it's suspected that it may be based on the Hebrew word "efes" meaning "nothing".

What is the eephus pitch?

When I caught in highschool it was used as a brutally slow change up. Sometimes the pitcher would throw it 10 feet in the air in a huge arc. Very demeaning to the batter. See Web Links for Video of the eephus pitch in action, Cleveland vs. New York, July 24, 1970.

Who throws a eephus pitch?

Rip Sewell made it famous, Bob Tewksbury and Kaz Tadano are the only recent players I can think of who threw one, although Dave LaRoche threw a "LaLob" which was comparable.

Why do need to wear football boots?

Mainly grip on the pitch. If you wore runners and it rained for instance, you would fall, a lot!

Weather effect on cricket pitch?

When the cricket pitch is wet, balls may not bounce off easily. The players may also have a hard time maintaining a firm grip on the ground.

How do you pitch fast pitch faster?

welll you need proper mechanics and alot of practice some arm strenthing exercises along with fore arm and grip strength and alot of stamina!

What part of speech is the word grip?

Grip is a noun (a grip) and a verb (to grip).

Three types of grip in golf?

they have the interlocking grip,the overlapping grip,and the Baseball grip

What is a breaking ball pitch in baseball?

a breaking ball is simply any pitch that curves, dips, dives, moves or does anything but go in a straight line. Curveballs, sliders, sinkers, slurves, screwballs and gyroballs are all examples of breaking balls. Note that changeups do not count as breaking balls, because their purpose is not to confuse the batter with a change in direction, but rather a change in speed. Knuckleballs are sort of a combination of offspeed and breaking balls, and I'm not sure what an eephus pitch is.

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