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It can be quite hard to get kids to clean their room. It depends on things like their age and personallity to get the perfect method, but here are some for younger and older kids.


-Make a clean room chart, everyday if their room is clean they get a sticker on the chart. After two weeks or so, if they have reached their goal, or the one you made up, they get a reward like a piece of candy.

- Make it fun! Keeping their toys in a bin makes it a fun game of Basketball for the softer toys, or race and see who can clean up more toys, you or the chlid.

- This is like the first one but do REWARDS! If the kid gets a reward, even something as small as a piece of candy, they will want to clean more. But be sure to keep the size of the reward small, they can't expect too much.


Sometimes, threatening to take things away is the only option, but don't get frustrated. The more you are angry, the more the teen is angry. Keep calm and try some of these ideas!

-Give them tips, how to do this faster, or a way to keep this more organized.

- Help them out, don't do all the work but they might not dread cleaning if you do it together.

- KEEP THEM ORGANIZED! The more organized the teen is in the beginning, it will be easier to keep them organized. Girls especially enjoy their room looking cool, get them patterend storage bins, or cool chairs that open up and store things in the bottem.

- Don't wait for their room to get REALLY messy and then clean it. Set a day once a week to take 20 minutes and clean their room, it will be eaiser to keep it clean if their is less to clean!

- Have them get rid of stuff that isn't needed little by little. The teen will not have as much to clean. BUt, make sure they don't get rid of everything at once! That could be very stressful. A little at a time is better so they could take ten minutes of an easy job instead of a 3 hour, stressful job.

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Q: How do you get your kids to keep their room clean?
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