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first you just cant practice you have to be born with an amazing amount of athleticsm and ability and drive also you should start lifting weights at 13 or 14 and throw every day if you wanna be aQB or catch the ball if you wanna play WR. s0 datz wat u gotta do

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Well, to start, you can't simply jump onto players like Ronaldo, messi, Gerard etc. You need a reputation first, which is why most of the more famous players agents are older, because they have developed a reputation for themselves over a long time. The only way I can really say you start as an agent is by noticing younger players around 12-16. Attending teams academy games and watching for players who standout, is a good way to start. Once you believe you have seen enough of the player and are convinced of his/her talent you can approach them or their club/coach and offer to be a contact/agent for them. By being their agent you have to try to put the player out their by composing videos or inviting coaches/managers from bigger clubs to some of the players matches. It's usually easier to become an agent of you have connections with a specific team or club playing at a professional level. You can do this with multiple players, it's simple. Once they start earning a decent amount of money, you can sign a contract with them that puts you on payroll. If the player(s) makes it big, and has a large income, your income and work will increase. Most agents are expected to be able to make sure the player gets the money he wants. You will probably need some degree in marketing and experience in negotiating. If you do get multiple big income players, then you can jump in on other players who are already big. Make sure that you give your player everything he needs, or when he gets big and famous, he might leave you for another agent.

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The more practice you do and the more determination you have, the better you will be become. Also, watching videos online teaching you how to do skill moves can help too.

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you must practice with a football coach or a pro football person.

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Q: How do you get training to become a pro football player?
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The average football player starts playing football in high school. The amount of training depends on the individual. Young boys who want to play pro football probably work on training every day of their high school years. Then they go on to play college football. There are cases where a person will do a 'walk on' and try out for pro ball, but it is rare. Training camps for pro football usually go on for 6 weeks to 2 months before the season starts.

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