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Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

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Q: How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?
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Will pes 2010 be available in PS2?

yes pes 2010 will be available for every console and there will also be ucl uefa champions league on each game...

Is there a become a legend on pes 2010?

yes there is and it has the champions league and europa league built in, but not much more info about become a legend mode at this time.

How do you get champions leagu e on pes 08?

You cant actually get the Champions League in PES 08 but the best you can do is play the inernational league and put the teams that you want in the league. You can also rename the International League into the UEFA Champions League

In pes 10 if you finish 3rd in the group stage do you go into the europa league?

hman hman no you dont

Why can't I get champions league on fifa11 on iPad?

FIFA doesn't have a permit to use the UEFA-controlled trademark name "Champions League". The same with the Europa league. So FIFA replace the "league" with "cup". However the Pes ( another video game soccer franchise ) series does have permission to use it. So therefore it's the same league with a different name.

Which is better PES 2010 or FIFA 2010?

PES is better because it has the fluid video game controls you want, FIFA has the realistic concepts so it depends on what you like. The problem with PES is that it doesnt have a license for the premier league teams. PES is the official franchise of the UEFA whereas FIFA is the official franchise of FIFA. So for me PES is better but next year im going to buy FIFA because all my friends have FIFA ad i want to play online with them

What game shod you get pes or FIFA?

EA have proper licensing - real team names, real players, real sponsors, really cups and competitions etc. KONAMI'S Pro Evo now specialises in UEFA Champions League and Europa League so the graphics are considerably less realistic. FIFA has better graphics and commentary (Clive Tyldesley and Andy Gray) or Martin Tyler and Andy Gray PES has ESPN's Jon Champion and Jim Beglin or Mark Lawrenson. PES formerly had Peter Brackley and Sir Trevor Brooking. OVERALL RATING FIFA = 9 OVERALL PES = 7.5

How do you play PES 2010 online?

go to and type PES 2010

Is there a uefa champions on FIFA 10 wii?

There is a premier European competittion in the game but as FIFA does not have the rights to brand it as the Champions League, it cannot do so. Only PES can for the forseeable future.

Where is uefa champions league on pes 09 on ps2?

nowhere! the champions league is unavailable on the ps2- and psp-version. konami embed the license only on PS 3, xb360 and the PC. Actually...yes you can play champions league on ps2, you have to won the master league

Who are the best players in pes 2010?

the best player in pes 2010 is Leonardo messi

When pes 2010 come out?

PES 201023rd October 2009

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