How do you get soccer license?

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like what soccer license if you mean as referee then yes

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Q: How do you get soccer license?
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Do soccer players need to have a license?


Where can you obtain a soccer coaching license?

yes u can

Do you need a license to be a soccer sport agent?

No they do not need it.

Do you need a special license or certificate to become a soccer player?


How do you get soccer coaching license in Spain?

Go to the local sports grounds the football/soccer coach in there will instruct you as to what he/she done.

Do need license to play soccer?

no but if have a car and ur a pro then ya so you can drive

Do you need a certificate or license to be a professional soccer player?

You will need to have signed a professional contract with a club.

Do I automatically receive a C coaches license if I played college soccer?

No you will not get your coaches licence that way.

How do you get a soccer coaching license in Georgia?

i am living in India . i want to become a professional soccer player and now i am doing bca i.e bacelor of computer application and now i am in first yr . so i want to ask u that how i will get admission in soccer club? what is the minimum age of getting admission in soccer club ? how to apply ? what is the fee structure?

What is the LicenseCertification for soccer?

depends on the license and where you live. in the US the licenses for refereeing are 9-1, 9 being recreational and 1 being international. coaching has letters E-A, E being introductory and A being professional license.

If you get a soccer refereeing license in one city is it valid in a different city?

If you are certified by the United States Soccer Federation, you may referee in any state in the United States. Generally speaking, if you are certified by a national federation you may referee in that nation.

How to get soccer coaching license?

Your local sports recreation department can assist you. Each state runs licensing clinics starting with basic F license (1 day class), up to advanced professional licensing classes. Lou Hegyi

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