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You don't get a salary you just get a contract when your contract is up it renews every four years

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Q: How do you get salary in mlb 2k11 my player mode?
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Can you play the my player mode in MLB 2k11 for wii?

As far as i know its not on there. It doesn't make sense to do that because its a good aspect of the game

Can you retire in mlb 2k11 my player mode?

Yes you can you have to complete all of the hall of fame goals.Then you can choose to retire but when you become 35 that is your last year then you have to retire

How do you call up players from the minor league to the MLB on MLB 2K11 on roster mode?

Good question but Im Pretty sure u can't so just find the stats of the guy u want and creat him

What is better MLB 2k11 or MLB 2k8?

MLB 2k11... I only like it better because the players are recent.

What is better NBA 2k11 or MLB 2k11?

In my opinion i believe it is NBA 2k11.

Average salary in MLB in the 60's?

The average salary of an MLB player in 1964 was 14,863 US dollars. 1964 was the first year salary statistics for MLB were recorded. The highest paid MLB player that year was Willie Mays who earned $105,000.

What is the base salary for a MLB player?


What is the salary range for a major league baseball player?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

Is it worth buying MLB 2K10 if you already have MLB 2K9?

NO cause MLB 2K11 is now available.

How do you play Major League Baseball 2k11 on Kinect?

You can't. MLB 2k11 isn't compatible with Kinect.

When does MLB 2k11 come out?

march 2, 2011

Who will be on the cover of mlb 2k11?

Roy Halladay #34 (Phillies)