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There are dealers and auction houses that offer Baseball cards for sale. If you the money to spend, you can but almost any card. If you are lucky, you may find a rare one at a yard sale or flea market, but rare cards are indeed rare and hard to find.

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Q: How do you get rare baseball cards?
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How rare are Babe Ruth baseball cards?

Extremly rare

Are 1960 Topps Football cards more rare than 1960 Topps Baseball cards?

No the 1960 baseball cards are definetly more rarer than the 1960 Football cards 1960 Football cards are more rare.

What types of baseball cards are considered sports collectibles?

The baseball cards that have been printed since the 1940's and are rare.

Are football cards rare?

While there are 'rare' football cards, not all football cards are rare.

Which Club Penguin cards are rare?

There's no rare cards.

Which Pokemon cards are rare?

Rare cards are marked with a star in thebottom-right corner. Uncommon cards have a diamond shape, common cards are a dot, and rare Lv.X cards are marked with a star's outline.

How much money can you sell 276 Pokemon cards?

$200 if some rare cards $60.12 if no rare cards

Which Pokemon pocket monster cards are rare?

'Rare' cards are demarked by a star symbol at the bottom of the card. Common cards have a circle, uncommons have a diamond.

Where are rare cards?

Usually old collectors that have been collecting since the card game was introduced. Many of the rare cards are old vintage cards.

How rare is it to get the 3 Egyptian god cards?


How do you know if a baseball card is rare or not?

Rarity is RelevantAt one time the T-206 Honus Wagner baseball card was considered to be the rarest baseball card with a population of about three. There are now about 75 -100 known example of the card. There are at least 7 other cards known to be more rare. There are three known examples of the 1921 Frederick Foto Babe Ruth card. Cards like this a rare, and you will find article written about them as they surface and come up for auction. Pre war tobacco cards, older cards from the 1950's, and 1960's are rare because they were printed in fewer numbers, and lost to time as many were thrown out or ruined. Traditionally, manufacturers would produce cards in several series. The High number cards, the last, or near the last series of baseball cards issued from the set are rare as relevant to the rest of the set. As the season would wind down, so would public interest and production. This lower print run resulted in a more limited supply, and later, more valuable cards.Newer cards are over produced. Rarity would be relevant to the demand for the card, and the number of cards available on the market. Cards in high demand regardless of their print run become rare as more collectors purchase them. Typically these cards will have a higher value as they become rare on the market, with higher demand.Price guides will make a notation as to sets that are printed in limited numbers. "Rare cards" that are printed in fewer numbers as relevant to the rest of the set receive the notation "SP" in price guides.The notation SP means Short Print, a card that was printed in lesser quantity compared to the other cards in the same series.

In YuGiOh can Ghost Rare cards be used in duels?

Yes, Ghost Rare cards are legitimate Trading Card Game (TCG) cards and can be used in duels just like regular cards.

What are all the Pokemon cards and how rare they are?

Well,naming all Pokemon cards would be tough,but as for the rare cards I would go for old classic promo cards like Mew or something

For every 5 baseball cards that Mickey has Mike has 3 baseball cards. If Mike has 72 baseball cards how many baseball cards does Mickey have?

45 cards

Are rare Pokemon cards still rare when dented?

If they are rare, then yes they are still rare, but in bad condition.

How much do rare Pokemon cards cost?

It depends how rare it is.

Which chaotic cards are rare?

The cards with the names that are named in gold.

Where would one find rare Pokemon cards to purchase?

Rare pokemon cards can be found online in various websites such as Ebay and Craigslist. Rare trading cards can also be found at various card shops which specialize in card collecting.

Joe has 16 more baseball cards than football cards. He also noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards as football cards. How many baseball cards does he have?

This works out fairly simply, He has 8 football cards and 24 baseball cards.

How do you know if shiny ninjago cards are rare?

its not rare just shiny

Im going tosell a lot of 217 cards with like 3 ultra rare and a bunch of rare cards but have no idea how much i should sell them all for any ideas?

im gonna sell a lot of 217 cards with like 3 ultra rare and a bunch of rare cards but have no idea how much i should sell them all for any ideas?

What are collectors baseball cards?

If you mean what cards do baseball card collectors collect,than all kinds of baseball cards. If you mean What is a baseball card collector, than one who collects baseball cards.

Are Haxorus and Meganium rare Pokemon cards?

Yes, Haxorus is very rare, but Meganium is not very rare.

Are Pokemon trainer cards rare?

No they are not. I have been collecting Pokemon cards for almost my whole life and majority of the cards are trainer cards.

How rare are full art Pokemon cards?

they are pretty rare not very though