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By training hard and qualify for your countries team, weather Olympics or world athletics championship.

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Q: How do you get on a professional track and field team?
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Is a apostrophe used when saying my high school's track and field team?

Yes. My high school's track and field team is written correctly.

Professional track and field greatest?

Carl Lewis

When was the first professional track and field meet held?


How many boys and girls in elementary school make the track and field team?

If you multiply the number of people in a track and field team and multiply it by the number of elementary schools there are, you can work out the answer, because each school will have a team.

Is track and field a professional sport?

YES!! It's even in the Olympics.

How do you become a professional track and field athlete?

Practice, patience, and a good coach.

Who was a professional player in track and field?

Tyson Gay is one famous runner.

What was the first team sport in the modern Olympics?

Track and Field

Who is the only team event in track and field?

Relay events.

Is track and field an individual sport?

The sport of track and field is mainly made up of individual events. But there are team events, which consist of relay races.

How do you qualify for the Olympics track and field?

Different sports have different qualifying procedures. Track and field athletes compete for the olympic team through qualifying tournaments or their national rankings.

Who is quintin Powell?

Quintin Powell is a senior on the UCLA track and field team.

What is widely considered to be the oldest sport known to humankind?

Track and Field

How old do you have to be to do the hurdles in Track and Field?

any age over nine really, but if your talking professional 15.

Is Justin Gatlin running at the 2008 Olympic games?

No he is not, as he is currently banned for professional Track and Field running.

What is 3 main category in track and field?

track and field track and field

How many players on a professional soccer team?

11 players on the field at once

Does Colorado have a professional baseball team?

Colorado Rockies - Coors Field in Denver

Do you still offer try outs for varsity in track and field?

My team does not. The coach chooses.

What country has won the most track and field gold medals in the Olympics?

Team USA.

Was Alkiviadis Stampoulis a member of the 1960 or 1964 Greek track and field team?


Can you cut players off middle school track and field?

If your the coach of the team. Yes you can.

Who did Jesse Owens play for?

He did not play for any sports team. He was a track and field sportsman

What native American played professional baseball and football and won an olympic medal in track and field?

Jim Thorpe

What sport was among the first Olympic events in 776 BC?

Track And Field