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I don't know. You would be better off putting this question in the Baseball section (not in the Patriots section) of wikianswers.

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Q: How do you get listed for the Major League Baseball draft?
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Can Major League Baseball teams trade draft picks?

Yes, Major League Baseball teams can trade draft picks but only competitive balance draft picks, their regular draft picks as well as compensation picks cannot be traded.

When is the Major League Baseball draft?

skrew you people looking at this

How many rounds in the major league baseball draft?


What is draft date of major league baseball 2009?

The 2009 Amateur Baseball Draft will be held on June 9th and 10th.

Was demarcus tidwell drafted in major league baseball draft?

No he wasn't drafted in the '08 MLB Draft

What is the date of the 2009 Major League Baseball draft?

June 9-1o is when the 1st year player draft is.

How do you get in the Major League Baseball?

be a good ball player enter the draft and get drafted

What do you have to do to get in the Major League Baseball?

be a good ball player enter the draft and get drafted

How many high school baseball players were drafted in the 2010 major league baseball draft?


How many rounds were in the 1965 Major League Baseball draft?

there was 50 rounds. they have all mlb draft records.

What are farm teams in baseball?

Farm teams are minor league teams from where major league teams draft players as needed.

Do first year Major League Baseball draftees play in a Major League Baseball game?

It is highly unlikely, but there are some instances such as Mike Leake of the Cincinnati Reds. He went straight from the draft to the Majors.

The Major League Baseball Rule 4 Draft is the First Year Player Draft the Rule 5 Draft is for minor leaguers not on the 40 man roster but what are rules 1 2 and 3?

There are no Rule 1, Rule 2 or Rule 3 drafts for Major League Baseball, all they have for drafts are the Rule 4 draft which is the First-Year Player Draft that is held in June on a yearly basis and the Rule 5 draft which is yearly held in December.

Who is Jacob Nottingham?

a major league baseball player for the Houston Astros. Drafter in the 6th round of the 2013 draft

What channel is the 2010 Major League Baseball draft?

MLB Network. It will depend on your cable provider, but it's 400 for me.

What time does the 2009 Major League Baseball draft start?

The 2009 MLB Amateur Draft begins at 6p.m. Eastern time on the MLB Network.

How do you get hired in baseball?

to become a player you have to be drafted by a major league team which requires highschool and/or college play. Major league teams will send scouts out to see you and if they like your performace they will try to contact you and try to draft you.

Who was the first player taken in the 1985 Major League Baseball Draft?

The first player taken in the 1985 MLB Draft was B. J. Surhoff (Milwaukee Brewers).

How long did Tom Brady play Major League baseball?

Tom Brady never played professional baseball. He was an 18th round draft choice by the Montreal Expos in the 1995 draft but opted to go to the University of Michigan for football.

Who was drafted in the first round of the 1991 Major League Baseball draft?

Click on the '1991 MLB Draft - Round 1' link on this page to see all 44 players that were drafted in the first round of the 1991 MLB Draft.

Does Major League Baseball have drafts?

Yes, Major League Baseball does have drafts, they have two drafts, they have the First-Year Player draft that's held in June which is when all 30 teams draft players that are either in High School or college or have already graduated. The other draft is the Rule 5 draft which is held in December and teams that have space on their 40-man roster are allowed to draft eligible players from other teams that aren't on their 40-man roster, teams are not required to select a player however in the event of passing then they will not be allowed to select any players in that draft.

Who did the New York Yankees pick first in the first year of the Major League Baseball draft?

Pitcher Bill Burbach from Wahlert High School in Dickeyville, Wisconsin in the 1965 MLB amateur draft.

Who were the first six players drafted in the 1992 major league baseball draft?

The first six players that were selected in the 1992 Major League Baseball draft were Phil Nevin by the Houston Astros, Paul Shuey by the Cleveland Indians, Billy Wallace of the Montreal Expos, Jeffrey Hammonds by the Baltimore Orioles, Chad Mottola of the Cincinnati Reds and Derek Jeter by the New York Yankees.

Can academy players be drafted into major league soccer draft?


How many Major League Baseball players came from NAIA?

Since 2006 231 NAIA players have been drafted in the Summer Amateur Draft.