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Junior tennis players are those players that are 18 years or younger. Competitive Junior tennis tournaments typically are adminstered through the United States Tennis Association. You need to join the United States Tennis Assocation (USTA) in order to play.

You can go to tournaments in your city, surrounding area, state, and other states. Usually you start off with local and state tournaments. A record is kept of your wins and losses. This is used to rank you as a player in your region or state. Some tournaments are "closed" and are invitation only. These are for players that have won qualifying tournaments in order to gain entrance to this championship type tournament.

If you do very well you can also play in tournaments that are on a national level. Older Juniors that are close to the age of 18 can qualify to play in Junior Grand Slam tournaments such as the Junior Wimbledon tournament.

Age groups and birth date specifications are listed at

NOTELet's not assume that everyone is American. In the real world (where California and Maine are not the extremities of the Earth) currently only 11.5% of the top 100 ranked junior tennis players are American. A different process may be involved for junior players in different countries.
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Q: How do you get involved in tennis tournaments for Junior players?
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