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Q: How do you get into NBA if you are a foreigner?
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Who was the first foreigner player to play in the NBA?

Micheal Jordan

What is the adjective of foreigner?

There could be any number of adjectives for 'Foreigner' (pron. fore-uh-ner) Old foreigner young foreigner asian foreigner tall foreigner short foreigner fat foreigner skinny foreigner drunk foreigner sober foreigner white-haired foreigner and so on . . . . BUT If you meant "What is 'Foreigner' in adjective form?" the answer would be, "Foreign".

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Why Filipinos are not foreigner in their homeland?

Nobody is a foreigner in their homeland. The very meaning of 'foreigner' is a person from a different land

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The Foreigner - novel - was created in 2008.

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The opposite of a foreigner would be a native.

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Who was consider a foreigner in the past?

a foreigner was any stranger who appeared say in a given village