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by just standing there!

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Q: How do you get hurt in soccer?
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Has mia ever got hurt during soccer and how?

Im sure that she got hurt at least once but there are many different ways to hurt yourself in soccer.

What do soccer players hurt the most?

Their ACL!!!!!!!

How many people get hurt from soccer a year?

This is cool

Is soccer easy and can you get hurt in it?

Soccer can be easy but there are some parts that are hard. In soccer you can get into higher leagues. I play soccer myself and its easy for me because I've been playing for a while. You can get hurt in soccer but sometimes they will call a foul and you will get a free kick. Sometimes the refs don't see everything.

How is soccer an emotional sport?

soccer is emotional when people mess up or get hurt or just simply fail.

Is soccer a game where you hurt people?

People get hurt playing soccer and occasionally some players will deliberately foul in the hope of injuring people, but it is not a combat sport, like boxing. So in that sense, it is not a sport where you hurt people.

Why is soccer a safe sport?

because you have the muscles to help you if you get hurt

Which is more popular Soccer or Football?

Soccer because all of them are too afraid to get hit or something and dont want anything to do with getting hurt. Soccer.

Why does the back of your hand hurt after playing soccer?

The reason the back of your hand hurts after playing soccer is because of the friction.

How is the capton in barclona soccer?

The capton is puyol and if puyol is hurt its xavi

Does soccer hurt your brain when you hit it with the ball?

no because your brain is tight

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