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wrap the top of the stick with the plug in it with foil and then heat it up for about 30 secs with a blow torch (if you dont have one your local rink should have a heat gun) then grab a hot mat or something and use it to pull the plug out.

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Use a Stanley knife, preferably with a hooked blade to cut the old grip and pull it off in one piece, then peel or scrape the old tape off being careful not to damage the shaft, and then use solvent to remove any residue.

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The best way I found to remove residue from anything is Goo Gone.

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goop remover

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Q: How do you get glue residue off a hockey stick?
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you can use another type of glue and stick it to that and get it off?

How do you take glue off glasses?

Scrape it off with a razor blade, then get any residue with Goo-Gone.

How do you get gorilla glue off glass?

Scrape it off with a chisel or sharp craft knife. Remove residue with Goof -Off.

Why do some orthodontist file teeth after braces?

to smooth them. they have residue from the glue on the braces and they have to file it off so your not walking around with glue on your teeth.

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Have you ever seen anyone used glue stick for their eyebrows?,only dummy's do that. Used a tweaser/shaved or waxes off but don't use glue stick

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Turn the glue gun on to loosen the glue, then, if the glue is persistent, use a wooden stick to CAREFULLY pick the glue off.

Why does tape leave residue?

Tape is pretty much plastic with some glue on it. Its the glue that sticks to the item you're taping, so when you take that tape off, the glue will normally stay.

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Use Goo Gone or Goof Off, either will remove sticker residue.

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How do you turn a 1 piece hockey stick into 2 piece?

Yes, you would simply cut off just above where the original blade was to be sure that you can put a blade in. You can obviously do it yourself but it is recommended that you take it to a hockey store because they have the necessary supplies to cut the old blade off and to glue the new one in.

Does hot glue have an effect on soft PVC?

No it doesn't. Hot glue will appear to stick, but fall off when it cures.

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get the ultra cheap baby wipes from a dollar store they are basically rubbing alcohol and gently rub in one direction. takes time but the glue residue balls up and flings off.